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Borderline depression and other mental suffering


Hi people I do not think it bothers anyone to worry and write problems

Hope the mods it is right that I have split off the fals not please give notice then I delete the trend again


  • reply - 1: Hi Guys I have borderline and have been diagnosed for over 15 years ... Before that, it was up and down with the doctors and I do not know what I was testing everything ...
    Have since September 2016, a wonderful son I do not want to miss sec, even if it is sometimes quite ansträngend
    I've always said I can manage that in the last few days I'm starting to question my testimony
  • reply - 2: Hi I have also been diagnosed with borderline for 4 years. Have since the age of 13 with mental illness to fight among other things, depression. Since the at least doctors want to commit themselves to the diagnosis Borderline in adolescents, it was also a long way for me with many diagnoses. Until the age of 20 years I was diagnosed with an emotionally unstable personality disorder. I am pregnant for the first time and now in the 21 ssw.I know that I will love my daughter above all else and only want her best. Because of my illness, I am still often afraid (even through my family's doubt, especially my mother) that I can not be as good a mother as I expect it to be. That's why I'm working on an intensive inpatient therapy before my daughter is born. So that I can deal better with my feelings and the strain.
  • reply - 3: Are you pregnant again and is that want to make it and the doubts if that works? Or on the situation with your son and mastering everyday life as a mother of him?
  • reply - 4: The one with my current deep has to do mainly with diabetes I think ...
    Sure it is also my big demanding but that works ...
    Got a lot of headwind at the beginning because my aunt said (kindergarten teacher) I'm not ready for a child and I should consider it again, etc ....
    For me, however, it was clear I want the baby (so castiel) and for almost 30 months I was as stable as ever and it was the best decision of my life
  • reply - 5: I think you're going to be a wonderful mom and do not let anyone tell you anything else as long as you protect and protect your child and you do not judge the aggression against the little one (it'll certainly keep you on trap in the beginning; p) everything is fine

    Do you have a partner or are you alone? If I'm allowed to be so direct

  • reply - 6: Luckily I'm not alone. Although my friend was initially unsure whether he feels ready to master everything, but now he is really looking forward to the little one. I think I would never skip my anger or other negative feelings about my child. I'm not the type of the one that omits others, I always leave something like that on myself.
  • reply - 7: Hello,
    i really do not want to disturb euche entertainment!
    I think it's great that you openly "speaks" or writes about it. I think it's good to know that you are not alone in this situation!

    There is already a depression and borderline thread I would like to close here for the sake of clarity.
    If the 2nd is too full I can open it again.
    Hope you understand it and talk about it in the other thread too!

    Kind regards
    Lidia from the Mod.Team: *

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