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Hurray with crumbs everything in order!


Hello together finally there is good news with crumbs everything is in order I do not need to make a second amniotic fluid examination * happy *


  • reply - 1: Congratulations! Then continue good course! :-)
  • reply - 2: Congratulations and all the best =) Why did you need the first one?
  • reply - 3: Melaus is already 40 years old and there she is recommended and then I got my pregnancy only in the 16 weeks and therefore could not do the neck pleat measurement (11 weeks)
  • reply - 4: oh well. Then I'm looking forward again extra, that everything is good with you =)
  • reply - 5: My congratulations can really shake hands with us
    I am 39 years old and got to know my pregnancy only in the 15ssw + 5 days hi hi so speak with me you could also make no nackenfaltenmessung. But with my crumb everything is ok too.

    ET 3.3 2013
    Crumbs we are waiting eagerly for you !!!

  • reply - 6: Cat that really makes me happy. the only thing that can change please feel his steps immoment is only every 2 or 3 days :-)
  • reply - 7: Congratulations! Nice that everything is fine.
  • reply - 8: Good morning tasmari
    This is not bad if you feel no more kicks to the end, the little nunmal calmer because they have no more space in our guts Have not you so crazy if the doctor says that everything is ok, everything was ok with my first son I did not notice that I'm pregnant except that I had a huge belly he was so quiet just just slept hi hi as he then in the world true he had only slept maybe it's yours also so grins and if you're unsure go please just to the doctor again, he is finally there so now I wish you a pleasant day

    Waiting for you eagerly crumbs ET on 3.3 2013

  • reply - 9: but I'm not yet at the end I have just 18 + 6 smile and I only notice now and then what if I'm on my back :-)
  • reply - 10: Good morning then I would advise you again to go to the doctor and ask again if that's normal as well as written above my first child was also very quiet habnn by him garnix had always envied everyone when they told how much you Smaller you kick and I stood there and could only shake his armpits, he was then very quiet where he then in the world true. Do not be too crazy press your fingers crossed that everything is ok.

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