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Hello girls, have some questions and have not found a suitable headline, hope it is so OK.

So, for example Does it start when my husband and I marry what income tax bracket? We both have the same salary one or two times depending on the month 50/100 € more. During parental leave I will go.

My husband and I are at two different health insurances where it makes more sense to insure the child with sick?

Do my child need a child ID card?

Does the birth certificate automatically go to my place of residence or do I have to apply for and give it myself?

The child benefit where does this have to be requested?

I'm already overwhelmed 


  • reply - 1: Hi,
    In the wage tax classes, you could do so that you take the better and your husband the worse. So you would possibly get more parental benefit if you take 3 and he 5. but you have to calculate. The difference you can get over the tax return again. Can you look at They also have a checklist.

    Because of health insurance you have to know how long you want to stay at home, because then your husband should take the child with in the family insurance and then you can search there with purely - So by law. In private, I do not know me.

    Children's passport is useful if you want to go abroad. But is not a duty in Germany. But some countries want one. So it would be useful. Costs about 13 €

    In the KH you get a birth certificate and you have to have it issued to the registry office and the birth certificate. So our info stood.

    For the child allowance you need the birth certificate and the tax number which will be sent to you automatically.
    In many federal states you can apply for parental allowance and Kundergeld online. Child support is provided through the Federal Employment Agency and parental allowance through the Center for Family and Social Affairs. But may be different in each state.

    I hope I could convey it understandable and you can do something with it  


  • reply - 2: Jutta18 has actually already said everything, I just wanted to give the info that you have after a marriage first automatically both income tax 4.
    To have the classes 3/5 you would have to apply for this extra.
    Whether this is still worth it, I do not know, We have recently changed to 3/5 because I was working only slightly after parental leave.

    To the birth certificate ...
    It depends on your hospital as well.
    For example, at our hospital, we gave birth records after the birth, and the hospital registered our son and gave us back the birth certificate book with birth certificates.
    That's the best way to inform yourself in hospital.

    For example, we had to apply for family allowance at the Familienkasse Hannover (living in Lower Saxony) and I printed out the application online before I was born and had already completed it as far as possible.
    The tax number comes about 4-8 weeks after the birth, which one needs for the child allowance application.
    You will then receive the money retroactively from the birth.

  • reply - 3: With such a small salary difference is not worth 5/3 and would only lead to the fact that you would have to pay payroll tax if necessary.

    Birth certificate represents the municipality of the birthplace. As already described, there are quite a variety of approaches. Just ask at the birth registration.

    We had tax code in the mailbox when I came home from the clinic after 3 days 

  • reply - 4: Sorry that I meddle again is not meant evil.

    It is correct that if necessary a back payment can come if you make 5/3 if it is only about the salary.
    But if it refers to the parental allowance, makes 3/5 more sense even with a small difference.
    Therefore just calculate and especially on the o.g. Side look as that is described and explained really well.

  • reply - 5: Sorry, of course you're right. I did not have that on the screen.
  • reply - 6: Does anyone know about self-employed? My husband is self-employed and I am a normal employee? Have tax code 3
  • reply - 7: It only makes sense if you have been married for 1 year, as the parental allowance is calculated from the last 12 months. Even for the maternity allowance, it is no longer relevant, since the last three full calendar entries before the start of maternity leave are used for the calculation, ie. Beginning of maternity protection July, months June, may and April are used for the calculation. One may change the tax classes once a year, or in the event of a serious change, for example, through loss of a salary due to the birth of a child.
  • reply - 8: Thanks for the info. I have not noticed that now since we are already 4 years married.
    Of course you are right.
  • reply - 9: Hello, just a small supplement on children's ID card: not all countries allow entry with a child ID card. For example, if you want to go to the US, the child needs a normal passport. :)
  • reply - 10: Hello, just a small supplement on children's ID card: not all countries allow entry with a child ID card. For example, if you want to go to the US, the child needs a normal passport. :)

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