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Teacher and trainee with child


Hello my dears,

have now seen through another, not further worth mentioning, that there are some teachers among us.
This is my question.

I'm now, after I successfully passed my first state exam for primary school teaching in fall 2013, now unplanned pregnant, despite pill thereafter. Actually, I wanted to begin my legal clerkship in September, but I will initially focus on the child and then possibly do the traineeship one or two years later.

Since you hear so many horror stories á la "worst time of life" in the study of the referendum time, my question to you, how feasible will that be, especially with a child? Will I still have time for my child? Can I still graduate well, even if my priority will be my child and I do not have the school in my head from morning to well past midnight?

Please do not get me wrong, I will spend time and resources on the legal clerkship, of course. And my students will be important, too. But I also want to have a family life with my child on the side.

I'm really scared of that time, even if there's still a lot of time left. I hope you have experiences, and then at least I know what to expect.
Oh yes, I'm doing Bayern Ref ...

Sorry, got a bit long ...


  • reply - 1: Well then I answer sometimes too long;)

    I am quite similar to you, but I am not yet so far auszubungstechnisch and the child was planned in a way.

    So to my story ..
    I am currently writing my master's thesis (study Special Education and Teaching on Teaching in Lower Saxony). Deadline is 6.9. and ET the 10.10. and actually was scheduled to start in February 2015 in the ref, which is now but also delay ...;)

    Think the traineeship is stressful, but the time that comes after the ref is probably not much less stressful, at least in the beginning. Because until you actually have routine, it will certainly take a few years. Therefore, also Ref. With child is already working
    , You just have to be well organized, so that the child or the work does not suffer or one of both comes too short! ).
    And when you realize that it is actually too exhausting, there is still the possibility to extend the 18 months to 24 months, i. E. n part-time ref. to do or or or ...

    Childbirth is not always so plannable! If you do not necessarily want it and if you really want it, then maybe not. I've seen sooo many times.

    Originally said that I still want to wait for the ref. And a few years later and then ... But after a voluntary service abroad, I'm from my fiancé (who is both with his legs in professional life and very much like children now want to have) spread, try it once a month without a pill and lo and behold: it worked immediately.

    Originally thought the first few weeks in the beginning "Oh God, what did we think, it would not have been better if ..." and reproached me, how blue-eyed I went to the whole thing (somehow had me Imagined that after 11 years lasting pill almost certainly nothing will happen, even though I knew, of course, that the possibility is there, it was not terribly outdated found now to have children and I never wanted to abort or so.

    But by now I'm really, very happy, that it has come, how it came, it worked immediately and I let myself be flogged
    , Because the perfect time there is never really ne to start a family.

    We can handle it, do not be scared !!

  • reply - 2: Oh, first shot a hit, so to speak. Congratulations :-)

    I also heard that in NS and SH you can probably do the legal traineeship part-time. Sounds perfect to me. Unfortunately, there is not this possibility in Bavaria so far. After your post I googled that immediately. It's actually called "eat or die" for 2 years. Maybe that will change until we are ready.
    It would be nice!

  • reply - 3: My son was just 13 months when I went to ref. It works. Organization is everything. One uses the little time more intensively. For further questions I am happy to help.
  • reply - 4: I did Abi with child, single parent and no family. Then still training (nursing) and study (during my studies then met my partner)

    If you want you can do it. Time management is the magic word

  • reply - 5: Huhu!
    I really did not like the ref. "Worst time of life"? Definitely!
    It had other reasons for me than just the work: you are constantly checked ... And that's not my thing at all: - /
    I also did the ref at a school on the village. My girls came to different cities and I was quite alone or together with colleagues.
    It's about school around the clock, I really did not have much distraction.

    I can imagine that you will be even better with your child and family ;-)
    but it gets labor-intensive, no question ..
    The first half year as a true teacher, incidentally, I almost felt as a liberation because the exams were over ...

    I wish you success!!

    Ps: I'm on sick leave until maternity leave and miss my students very much .. Teaching is really nice and I'm glad to have this job :-)))

  • reply - 6: Too bad that the part-time ref. Country thing is, but maybe it's really still introduced in other states until we are ready. And if you do not, that's the way to go, Scoobydoo75. Where there is a will, there's a way

    Where did you, Angie85, do your ref. And you or one of the others here have any insider tips for us prospective teachers with child (insurance, special leave because of sickness of the child / interruptions of the Refs, if you can not really manage family and work under a hat or similar)?

  • reply - 7: Hello, so maybe my experiences and impressions will help a bit further, even though I'm pregnant for the first time myself. But I have the clerkship (in Bavaria) behind me and now work the fifth year as a teacher. Since you get even NEN impression and a lot with.
    I also found the ref as the sheer horror, but that was partly due to the seminar leader ..... A fun / sweet licking it sure never, and above all I always had the feeling working towards any stupid artificial examination situations instead of just making it really good for the kids! But there are alternatives. We always have clerks at the school and it's always a lot of stress, but some of them are doing really well in the ref: and above all: the time is up !!! AND: Maybe not so bad, if you then set with your own family already a bit different priorities and not only Ref has in mind, I believe in all honesty.
    We also have a trainee teacher with us, she has two children at home and masters everything really great !!!!!!
    And most of all, if the ref is over you really have a great and exciting job, I can say that with all my heart !!! Often stressful, but the kids give back sooo much !!!
  • reply - 8: Made in Rheinland-Pfalz Ref.
    I have my son lawfully insured with my husband. For me as a civil servant it would have cost more money and afterwards a position is unlikely, so you fall anyway in the legal again. Benefits does not have privately at this age.
    One has (in my opinion) 10 sick leave a year for the child.
    Ian was with a childminder. She used to take him a bit sickly, which is not the case in the day care center.
  • reply - 9: I had a girlfriend who got pregnant in the middle of Ref (Bavaria). At the end of July she went to maternity leave and the next school year the following year she got back in. Since she already had children, she was already much more relaxed than the other trainees, because you know what's really important in life and do not be so crazy about the stress. So it's doable.
    AAABER: I would not want to go to Ref with a baby, but I want to stay home and at least spend the first year enjoying time with my child. This time never comes again, and they are developing so fast, I want to savor every minute.
    Imagine you pick up your dwarf from the crib and you are told that he's crawling for the first time today.
  • reply - 10: Hello you love ..
    For me, the situation looks a little different .. study in Hesse and am now in the last semester .. to July .. I want to go through in any case .. then I'll stay a year at home .. my first I have to catch up with state examinations and scientific homework. But I think that's all possible, as long as you want. I also have good support! I'm also a little scared that it will be too much for me ... but I know what I'm doing for it :) some things in life are coming as they come .. not all the perfect scores that life offers count also a completely different sense .. we can do it .. :)

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