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Good Morning,

We have noticed in our little yesterday that the umbilical cord stinks and one two hours later purulent we are then immediately rushed to the hospital .... there it has been passed from doctor to doctor at the beginning it said at least 2 days in the clinic stay at the end so blood values ​​wait and then home ..... fortunately, the blood levels were good and we were able to home after 5 hours and 5 failed blood draws (poor child) ... Diagnosis clamp was too big ... Still have Get disinfectant and should clean it every 2 hours .... what experiences do you have with it


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    how is it with you?

    in my navel is indeed not ignited, but he "subbt" u smell .. the hebi has done so directly after discharge from the KH so a powder on it, so he dries. the first few days it has gotten better, but today worse again. tip of the hebi: sprinkle with fine sea salt every time you wind it u do not let it get wet. so he should dry soon ..
    I always watch that the diaper does not cover the navel so he does not sweat there.

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