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Good morning .. I have a question: do I have to change the cycle length each time or can I leave that at 28 days? It is a prediction calculated but the calendar is always on day 28 a drop of blood, so the alleged Mens !! Thank you for the answer.


  • reply - 1: 1. Why do you actually open a new thread for every question that pops through your head, which you then shoot after two days anyway?
    2. What are you talking about? From an app?
    3. You've never heard of a 28-day cycle!
    4. You dropped the pill in October and are now only beginning to wonder that you have irregular cycles?
    5. Your statements change from thread to thread ...
    6. Maybe you should start by writing and replying regularly in the threads where you sign up before opening another thread ... the same goes for new nicknames ... how are you supposed to do it? trust?
    7. There is a magic in every beginning, but it does not apply here!
  • reply - 2: Short and sweet: delete all aps of this kind! They will never show you your personal cycle (length, etc.)! These are standard values ​​which at the very best are true if you are 20 and top healthy and you think "yes, I'll just let it go". Does not that cost you such aps just nerves, time and possibly money. The best advice - I think it was already called to the 1000 times - is, continue to use Ovus regularly and measure temperature. That really gives you some basic information about your cycle. Everything else is a nice gimmick but not anymore.
  • reply - 3: I bow to your patience! a little star is no longer enough!
  • reply - 4: Of course you can not just change the length.
    At the first start, you wear the usual length once (probably with most apps). in an irregular cycle it is very difficult to commit to something, but presumably it is best to take an average.
    And then you have to feed the app with information. If you have your mens then you contribute it. If you have an ES with Ovus, then you also enter it, if you measure tempi then you also wear it.
    These are banal things and self-explanatory. Or do I not understand the question?
    You can never rely on these apps for sure! They are very good for documentation purposes. For child planning, they are absolutely not suitable!
    What the app shows you, 28days length, ES on day 14 etc. are default values ​​and have zero meaning about your actual cycle.
    Sometimes I want all these apps to show only past values ​​and no predictions about the future.
  • reply - 5: There is also an asterisk from me. I came across it some time ago and now read quietly. Have fun all parties continue ...
  • reply - 6: What should the attack please? It is a chat forum where you can not ask questions? Super !! And I do not have a new nickname, which you seem to think!
  • reply - 7: And every day the marmot greets ... 
  • reply - 8: It's all about sharing. If you were to go into my points and questions, you would be much closer to the meaning of a chat forum. If you create a thread with every new question, then you also care for it and do not stop it as soon as it gets uncomfortable. And I actually find it strange that you do not even know yourself in which exercise cycle you are and directly on mine Proposal on the number received ... as a reminder: you are according to your own statement only in the 4th exercise cycle and not in the 8th .... but in your place I would also get confused.
  • reply - 9: Are you in my body? Oh why I have this migraine ... I find it impossible that I am accused of something that I am not or have !!! No idea why you attack me .. Just try to ask friendly and then you are nasty attacked ... really sad ...
  • reply - 10: Is already new account, fobaby?

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