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March mami's !!


hey you love :-)
am now in the 20th week and expect my child (unfortunately only on 7.12., what it will be) on 29 March ....
when do you have your birth date and how are you currently?


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    Hello Coriiii,

    am now 23. ssw and my et is 07.03. We know already since 14.09. That we get a boy and with every US-appointment he shows us that with pride
    , Exactly one week ago we had our appointment for detailed diagnostics - fantastic !!! Everything alright with our little one and he looks really cute !!! Have div. Pictures of head, foot, hands and face (3D) printed and received as a CD. Otherwise, I have a really great pregnancy without major discomfort and with full pampering from my sweetheart.

    Have previously also posted in BabyClub in March 2012. Maybe you will come there too ...

    LG Janni

  • reply - 2: yes I found :-) thank you
  • reply - 3: Hello !!!

    I am now in the 21st ssw, I have 22.03. Appointment and no complaints so far.We do not know yet what it's going to be, it's always hiding, but surely they can see the next Thursday at the organ ultrasound. And, have you diligently butterflies in your stomach?

  • reply - 4: I am now in the 22nd ssw and have on 23.03. meeting. For about 9 weeks we know that we get a girl and for a week we have the one hundred percent certainty that it is true. I have some problems with nausea and heartburn, but I think that will happen again.
  • reply - 5: Hey bee1103!

    Then you have a day after me appointment. I'm fine, no complaints, only here after what I do in the household logs my back. Otherwise, I am fine and have had virtually no problems so far. Can I ask you how much you've gained so far? Can your Partener already feel the movements of the little ones?

  • reply - 6: Hi, I'm in the 22nd week and my ET is the 25.3. We get 2 guys. ;-) Apart from the fact that I'm sick because of my soft mum, I'm actually quite good. The two kick and box like crazy and are absolutely equally well developed. LG
  • reply - 7: That's nice to hear! I'm already at home and that since the 10th ssw.
  • reply - 8: My ET is on 28.03.
    Now and then I feel a bit sick, otherwise I have no problems with my pregnancy until now ...

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