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There are a lot of books that make music or sounds, if you press anywhere on it. What can you especially recommend?


  • reply - 1: We have the "It creaks and rustles in the night" book, which I find absolutely brilliant, especially so from 3 years old. It's about a little mouse that can not fall asleep because it hears loud weird and frightening sounds and thinks that the soundtrack wants to catch it. Of course you can hear the sounds as well. And in the end Mama comes and explains, which sound belongs to whom / what.
  • reply - 2: We had @hamuda as well, but we sorted it out pretty fast because my daughter just kept on making the noise like crazy and did not even listen to what I was reading. Anyway, such a book does not come to my house any more

  • reply - 3:

    We have Höbucher from Mc Donalds.


    Is that good or is it okay?


    It was last action in Happymeal, because I have 3 pieces ...

  • reply - 4: I do not know the audiobooks, but I found the McDonald's "Why, why, why" series (or something similar) good. Since we have a book from, because we are not there so often ... But basically it does not have to be bad because it comes from McDonalds.
  • reply - 5:

    Yeah that was just fine, everything was with books and I collected it :-)

    Wow animals are in 3 D even :-)

    I think it's good, materials and books are beautiful and well done.

    The main thing is that I go there often. You always have something new ...

    Food is not quite healthy but as an exception it works - something fast.



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