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Hi, I know this topic belongs whs to "illness and ailment", but since it is a problem of which many are affected in the SS, I wanted to open a separate thread where we can swap stakeholders. I'll start right in the comments ...


  • reply - 1: I have since the 2 SS month already very bad varicose veins on the left leg-from bottom to top finger-thick and multiple branches. The worst is the KA in the bar which has been added since the end of the third month. My left groin / pubic area is always very swollen and it hurts more and more now. Do not know how it should be until the end of the SS, when the stomach is really big and heavy ... My FÄ has recommended Daflon. Does anyone have any experience with this drug in the SS? There is almost no information about it and I always have a not so good feeling with drugs in the SS.

    And what are you doing against your KA? Has anyone of you ever delivered natural with big CA in the pubic area and may tell if there were problems? That's what worries me most ...

  • reply - 2: I also have many spider veins outside the SS, but fortunately so far no varicose veins (but my mother had). My FA at the old place of residence said that if I became pregnant I should immediately wear compression stockings. I did not have to ...
    Do you have such?

  • reply - 3: Yes, I have been wearing them since the beginning of the ss. I had to get some now which go over the belly. Like a pantyhose just closer to the legs. I hate wearing them, but without them I'm definitely not ...
  • reply - 4: Unfortunately I can not give you any practical tips. Maybe some cold showers from the feet up and cold reels help where it is swollen.
    I wish you all the best and hope that there are no more to come.
  • reply - 5: I've been struggling with it since the 2ssm, got stockings in the 9.ssw. For me, it's more like the left leg and also about the area around this big veil! Get ready, without ATS it would not work, but it does annoy me already. I'll put it on in the morning and go out to sleep in the evening!
  • reply - 6: Ditto! Did you get any creams or something? My fä meant cool, cool, cool. But I find that really difficult with a small child at home ... and even at work that is quite difficult ... 
  • reply - 7: I got a vein cream but never used it. I think in the scarf area you notice the vein more and more especially when running. I have an appointment on Thursday again at the FA, I ask!
  • reply - 8: I would like to share my experiences on the subject varicose veins and Co and apologize now for the long text.
    I am pregnant for the third time now and have to fight for the first time with varicose veins. Luckily only on the right leg. I just remember that in the second pregnancy I also had a varicose vein in my pubic area. Inside the left labia majora. Luckily she did not hurt and she did not have any problems at birth. Had not done anything against it. Midwife said that goes away after the ss. That's how it was.
    In this Ss my whole pubic area is a bit swollen but so far nothing else.
    On the right thigh I have two varicose veins for about 2 months. They have always been visible the last few years but now they have come forward a bit. I hope they go away after the ss. Otherwise, I have a lot of broom-tears below the right squat since the 2nd Ss. After the pregnancy, they became weaker and were even more so visible. Now the surface spreads (almost circularly) and flows around towards the front of the knee.

    In general, I did not do anything about it in the second or in this pregnancy. At the time I also got compression stockings but did not wear them. I do not do that (yet). As long as it does not get extremely bad.

  • reply Ра knife - If you do not have any pain, thendorf I wish you very much that it stays that way.
    I got up without stockings this morning because I had to go to Toliette so badly and the pain in my leg was really not funny anymore , I would probably just lie in bed without compression stockings ...
  • reply - 10: I am the third time pregnant and have since the second pregnancy with strong varicose veins on the labia and thighs / groin to fight. I'm wearing a compression pantyhose this time since the beginning of pregnancy, without the pain would be hard to bear. The only thing that helps me is to put my legs and butt up (with two toddlers and full time working easier said than done).
    At the last birth, there were no problems at all in this regard and the varicose veins have actually largely regressed. Still, I think about having her removed after the third (and probably last) birth because it was a bit painful at the onset of the period.
    Ansosnten, the varicose veins are painful and very ugly (I think) for the pregnancy and the upcoming birth but rather uncomfortable than dangerous
    Since I hardly have any pain, I do not want to complain

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