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Pregnancy nausea and silence


Good Morning
Do you also have to deal with the nausea and circulatory problems? I already know it from the first pregnancy, but that does not make it any better. In everyday life, what helps me can not always be implemented. It is also exhausting that I can not show it to the outside, because we want to announce the good news only after the 3 months. At the beginning of August, it would be time. Everything is fine with the little one, it's developing well. We are also pleased. But the nausea really makes me.


  • reply - 1: Dear Paula,

    Good to understand that creates you the morning sickness. Would you like to have a look here, as we already have a thread to discuss nausea and other pregnancy problems?
    Here I conclude for clarity.

    Greetings winter and summer from the mod team

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