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Expert chat about skin care in newborns


Hello my dears,
Babycenter again offers a small panel of experts for your questions. Here's the message from SusanneRedaktion about it.

Another personal concern of mine, which expert chats do you still wish for? I thought, for example a chat with a kiwu doctor or a gyn on a miscarriage and so on. What do you all mean?

So now back to the actual:

Great news: dr. Matthias Hauser, scientific director at Penaten, will join your group for a Q & A session. Dr. Hauser will answer questions that you have on the following topic:

• Skin care in newborns

Please post your questions here in this thread by August 24th. Only questions that have been raised by that date can be considered.

On August 31, Dr. Ing. Hauser come into the group and answer as many questions as possible. This is a great way for you to reach a designated, friendly expert with little effort and get answers quickly. So seize the opportunity and benefit from the expertise of our expert, who accompanies clinical trials to nurture newborns, and has been studying the structure, structure, and function of skin for the first four years of life. Dr. Hauser is looking forward to your questions.

What do you want to know about skin care for newborns? What questions are you dealing with? From now on you can post it here.

If you can not find the thread, I'll try to copy your questions back there. So you can ask your questions here too.


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