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Bad Eaters: Will my baby be full?


Hello. need an advice.
my little (almost 7months old) has been drinking quite irregularly for a few weeks and sometimes refuses the bottle completely.
By now she gets vegetable-potato-meat porridge and evening milk-mush. At lunchtime she always eats very well and in the evening well, depending on the mood and whimsy a whole bowl. But bottle is currently a problem. Normally she gets so 2-3 times a day 200ml and it really n wonder if she creates a whole bottle, otherwise it is always 100-150ml, but that can not be enough?
were already at our doctor and it has been exposed that the first tooth is approaching and that she is anyway a rather slim baby. but of course I still think. she also sleeps very little during the day. 15 minutes, half an hour, but that's it. In some cases she really fights against the fatigue. Could she be denied drinking because she does not want to sleep? have already tried so much, once changed the milk type, other sucker, in between times tea, juice or fruit puree, I tried to feed them in the arm to feed, milk powder stirred to mush. but sometimes she really refuses to drink more than half of the bottle. I can not always run to the doctor, but I still do not know ...


  • reply - 1: Moin,
    do not worry. When the 1st tooth is approaching, you already have the reason. Many babies are totally thrown off track.
    Joost did not really eat much during his period of teeth and even skipped meals. I then left him so calm but always offered something to drink. Maybe your little one wants to hold the bottle herself? Or try it with yoghurt / curd cheese that comes out of the fridge. On the one hand, there is liquid in it, but also protein and vitamins, and it also cools the sore gums.
    In addition, the babies get what they need. The little ones know what's best for them and maybe they do not want the bottle because the teat on gums.

    Heads up! It will get better again.

    LG and all the best
  • reply - 2: Felix barely had any more hunger on his teeth and even started to cry at meals.
    Otherwise, give her more of the things she eats for the time. If she is hungry, but the bottle is just uncomfortable.
    I can also recommend that with the yoghurt, Felix is ​​really hot on it. Otherwise, he gets in between a waffle in bite-sized pieces and to drink a lot, of course. That's good.

  • reply - 3:

    Hello Astrid,

    some children refuse the bottle quite early. But 7 months would be very early. If it's really on the teeth, you can test the following:

    Let them "nibble" on a cold piece of apple or a piece of carrot from the fridge. You can also give a piece of bread edge. She can rub that over the little ones. By comparison, the nipple does not push that bad anymore.

    But then you have to supervise well, not that which slips in the neck. But since this mumbling is also exhausting, maybe she likes the bottle again. Julian had also been on strike with the incisors. He had drunk better when he had previously chewed on the cooling teether.

    If you have the impression that she is drinking too little, try feeding the rest with a spoon. Or let her drink her milk from the cup. It's messing up, but mostly it's also landing in the baby's stomach.

    And otherwise: always stay calm, that's hard but important :-)

    Lovely wishes


  • reply - 4:
    lucas2012 says:

    Hello dear mums =)

    Would like to know from you what your darlings eat all day. My son is a bad eater and I will not find really tired = /

    06:30 100ml PRE (on good days)
    07:00 Bread when Mum is having breakfast
    08:00 150ml PRE to fall asleep = /
    10:00 100ml PRE (even on good days)
    11:30 150ml PRE to fall asleep = /
    13:00 not even half a glass from the 8.Monat (often I cook myself)
    16:00 half glass of fruit & cereals
    19:00 20g porridge or good night milk
    03:00 100ml PRE

    Should I omit the milk to fall asleep? How do you do this?

    Lots of love
    Jasmine & Lucas

  • reply - 5: Berlin Mama 82 says:

    How do you know he is not getting full? And what is goodnight milk?

  • reply - 6: lucas2012 says:

    Good night milk is from Hipp and is a dilute bread meal, so to speak. I give it to him if he wants to eat nothing in the evening.

    Well he always drinks only a little milk and then he eats with me at breakfast, but he refuses his milk.He is still too young to give up milk meals, right? My doctor said three porridge meals should be it now, so in the morning and in the morning only milk.

    If he was full he would not even eat fruit or bread.
    Since he drinks the PRE milk in the morning, he does not want to eat anything at lunchtime. Often he also wants to eat 5h nothing = /

  • reply - 7: Babs_i says:

    so we have
    07:30 240milk
    11:15 220 vegetables meat porridge
    15:00 fruit porridge (between 150 - 190)
    19:00 240milk
    usually also once a night

    I would give it in the morning flaschl and then let eat bread and then glass again at noon?
    You have so many flaschln in the morning, he is so often hungry?
    because 100ml + later bread with you sounds like a very good breakfast, right?

  • reply - 8: Babs_i says:

    or I would definitely omit the flaschi at 10 ...

  • reply - 9: Thanks for the transfer of the contributions!

    Do you think I should stay at PRE with breakfast, or maybe you take 2?

    Am I so unsure if the little one does not need more milk?

    Yesterday I also noticed that he hates to sit in a high chair. So I fed him while playing. Not very good from an educational point of view but he has eaten everything :-)

  • reply - 10: Try to put him on your lap - maybe he likes it better :)

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