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Hello dear community


Hello Babycenter members! I stumbled over the page on the Internet, because I thought I log in, because a quick exchange with mums about small or larger problems and questions can never hurt! Me and my husband David are the proud parents of two children: Our son Henri (07.09.09) and our daughter Anne (13.08.2012). In my free time I like to read, I enjoy cycling with my family (that has to pause for a while now) and I go to yoga once a week (from February * on * faithfully *). Anyone who has questions has questions! (: LG LegoMum (Carolin)


  • reply - 1: Hello and welcome Carolin!
  • reply - 2: Oh, that went fast: D
    I'm just a bit overwhelmed. So there are "monthly clubs" and "theme clubs" ...?
  • reply - 3: right :-) the baby clubs are after months and then there are some topics :-)

  • reply - 4: Fine, okay. Did I recognize that correctly!
    Is there anything else I need to know / notice?
  • reply - 5: huhu legomum, welcome :-)
  • reply - 6: Hello Carolin, welcome!
    You do not have to pay attention to anything. Just read a little and if you have questions, then just ask!
  • reply - 7: Hello Carolin, since you have found the right club with Anne's wife on 13.08. ;)
    Welcome to the August Baby Club!

    Where are you from ?


  • reply - 8: Huhu legomum, are you still there !?
  • reply - 9: probably not ...
  • reply - 10: xD oh man

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