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Hello dear. I am in the 28ssw and had a doctor appointment last week. The doc said the little mouse would be at least 2-3 weeks behind. Must now come back in 14 days he wants to hear from his colleague a 2nd opinion. Does anyone have experience with it. Somehow he drove me crazy.


  • reply - 1: Maybe the child is just too small and petite? How tall are you as a parent?
  • reply - 2: For me was in the last investigation that said so my doctor has my child has a small belly on it I've asked what that means because she just says that it is not a fat child but Friday again organ screening the second time look what the doctor says just wait and see, my midwife even advised me not to do any more US just because doctors make one so confused and the equipment at the Fa are probably not as new and just like the one in the hospital
  • reply - 3: I am 1.70m and my husband is 1.80m around
  • reply - 4: What did the doctor measure? There are so comparison charts
  • reply - 5:
  • reply - 6: Yes he said I am in the 28ssw the little one would be just like in the 25ssw
  • reply - 7: Thanks for the link. Evt I make myself crazy, too.
  • reply - 8: For me, always write the measured data in the mother pass or I look at the Us always on the screen and remember what he measures!
    I can understand that you are worried, but it may also be that the doctor has measured himself, for example, if the baby was stupid or something and then make 1-2 mm NEN difference!

    Everything will be fine;-)

  • reply - 9: Would not make me so crazy. Babies grow in spurts and even if it should be a little small, yes my goodness ... is not bad. Not every baby is born as a giant.
    It is of course right that the doctor looks again. He has to secure himself.

    Keep us informed!

    best regards

  • reply - 10: For the size calculation, the children are no longer measured from head to toe, but you can either calculate the thigh value x 7 or the doctor measures head, thigh and stomach (and anything else) and determines the weight.
    Measurements are inaccurate.

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