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Change child allowance 2016


I just wanted to remind everyone who has not reached it so far that by December 2015, you are notifying the family fund of your baby's and their child's taxpayer ID number, as this is required for 2016 to avoid double payments. The family fund will not inform you until January and I do not know if they will be suspended for so long with the payment. So search for numbers, send, abharken.


  • reply - 1: Thanks for the info 
  • reply - 2: I have called and the on the phone said that in the new applications (in 2014) has already made this request for the tax code. But you can call and they pass on the phone.
  • reply - 3:

    Here are some official information ;-)

  • reply - 4: That's exactly how it looks. Without this id you get since min. 2014 no child benefit. Without id the application is invalid .... with us it took then 12 weeks until we had the id to submit ...
  • reply - 5: Does anyone still have a reminder of what 2011 was like? Mare?
  • reply - 6: In August I applied for child allowance without id and got approved within 1 1/2 weeks. The middle (born April 2014) without problems.
  • reply - 7: Kruemel, so I know that I submitted the applications without ID of the child. We stashed each one immediately after logging in to the city, the ID came later.
    Yesterday I smashed an informal letter at the cash register, with the numbers.
  • reply - 8: In the case of s-h, applications are not accepted in this way. Maybe different again from family cash to family cash?
  • reply - 9: Great. What a mess. So everyone has to call his competent cashier ?? Then I will do that.
  • reply - 10: Well, I can definitely remember that I gave the tax ID in the application.

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