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Cramps and seizures?


Hello moms and expectant.
I would have a question.
I am now pregnant with the second child and am in the 37 ss. My question is, in the second pregnancy the movements of the baby are quite different from the first. I do not know if I imagine it but my little trembles more often in the abdomen. It feels like she has a fit. The whole belly trembles and vibrates for 15 seconds and then it's all over. The little one is also ruch after that and does not move anymore and then everything is back to normal. I've also talked to 2 gynecologists who did not take me seriously or thought that was hiccups but I know how hiccups feel. And then there are reports in the Internet where the University of Frankfurt has researched that babies already in the lower limb may already have seizures and cramps. (West Syndrome or Epilepsy) Now I wanted to ask if anyone has experience or did the same. LG


  • reply - 1: Hi Ina0703 :) may I ask why you are worried? Does your first child already have epilepsy? Hopefully not. I'm pregnant with the second child. 35 weeks. Our girl also tremble now and then, sometimes she drills. I did not have that with my son. But my son has very rare Epelepsieart: Febrile convulsions. Already 26 times. Every first fever increase in a viral infection. Do not do it now while we're pregnant, right? No doctor will prescribe Pregnant Diazepam or Buccolam. I would wait. It is not that long anymore; )
  • reply - 2: No, my son does not have epilepsy, but as you say, the little ones' movements are different and much stronger and more intense. And since she often trembles during the day and so I jerked in the internal rum and rummaged on some posts where a university in Frankfurt has proven that babies in the womb may already have seizures and cramps. There are also medications where already the mom can take in pregnancy, if the baby has such seizures, where it can reduce and prevent brain damage. My husband also says I should not worry so much but I thought I'll ask if there are moms with children who have already experienced something or where the children have something after the birth.
  • reply - 3: So now I have such extreme twitches at the second, but not as long as you. Rather a few seconds. I did not have that at first either. But do not worry, because that's just short ...
    To compare this with hiccups is really a bad joke by your doctors ....

    Do you notice it, just before it starts? Can you capture it on video and show it to your FA or midwife?

  • reply - 4: Hey! I have these twitches with tremors just as you describe it!
    I am in the 35th Ssw with my second child. I did not think about epilepsy now, I'll say that to the gynecologist.

  • reply - 5: I find the thread full of panic ... we are not doctors and then with such diagnoses to come only because the child is moving differently in the stomach ...

    We are on the last few weeks of pregnancy
    Enjoy your miracle in the belly and do not stress ... do you and baby not good: - *

  • reply - 6: If you are so unsure and the University in Frankfurt is doing research, then contact them.
  • reply - 7: I agree with that. Besides, we had this same theme in the Kindsbewegungen Threat. I also had these twitches. My doctor said that the babies could just move differently. You have to learn the movements first.
    In addition, then at least 15 babies would have such seizures alone in this group. Because many have just described that. If that's so often, it's probably normal. So do not panic (I'll be mom for the first time).
  • reply - 8: I think so too, especially so close to the finish ..
    The concerns I can understand but not to this extent and especially not because of things that are somewhere on the Internet ....
    I do not even try to be afraid of childbirth and to relax as much as possible, even though it often spins in my head ...
    I am also happy to relax and breathe deeply and look forward to a healthy baby 
  • reply - 9: Morning Mum,
    I want to protect Ina0703! She did not panic, she just asked. Each of us is worried and allowed to ask questions! She only wanted to inquire about experiences, such as to inquire about a pattern as in the craft and Nähthread;). If you let it infect you, no one can answer for it. The hormones play crazy with us, for example I am "busy" with bladder inflammation. It annoys me a lot and makes me soooolche worried my poor man, last days I just moan how bad there is When I had an OP open hearted, I was much looser than now; ) Maybe I scared you a bit because I wrote about my son. At the moment, we do not want to hear anything negative about our target levels. Excuse me. My Sohb does not have a typical Epelepsy, all EEGs are unremarkable. He is snotty and has been interested in politics for a few days He is 7 ... Yesterday my husband went through with him election O Mat, so they know which party offers which program. And my son did not flinch in the stomach! I have already expressed my opinion, one can not prevent everything. Nature is nature. In the last 3 weeks of the week you can not find anything in time. An appointment at the university takes at least half a year. And the internet is evil. I google now vieeeel less. My mouse is twitching too. I'm not worried. Just about my bladder infection :) we are all very excited. You all still a nice rest SS 
  • reply - 10: My sister also had febrile seizures as a child. It looks awful and was the horror. She did not disturb it and it did not hurt her. It just grew together then ... all the best! :)

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