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Soaking in the night


Hi all, I'm Sylvia. Have a question My big son (4) is actually dry, but still have Proplemme in the night. Since unfortunately have immenoch ne diaper trum make because he always einpullert.Weiß someone what I Have already tried him in the night to get out on the toilet but the diaper is always wet.Wind away leave the seklbe in green, early everything wet.Who knows NEN advice ????


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    Hello Pluri!

    We had the same problem. The child wake up at night or in half sleep on the toilet unfortunately brings nothing. On the contrary, you literally train the body to have to be at night.

    Diapers are also more likely to "curb" a. Try a mattress underlay.

    It helped us not to drink so much in the evening. In addition, Lilly goes every night directly before going to sleep on the toilet and says to himself "Now I do not puller"

    Otherwise, you just need a lot of patience, at some point he will get up dry

  • reply - 2: Hello Lilliysmom thank you for your answer. Had the whole summer also a pad in bed has not brought much, was always wet. Will have a lot of commotion.

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