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I have to moan


Boah at the moment I am unspeakably bad. Constantly me in the stomach is as if it brings me up, but the next moment I'm hungry again. As soon as I eat what I want, I feel sick again. I have hardly nourished myself in the last two days, yesterday I had a Crossaint and noodles at noon, no sauce, of which I immediately got sick again and in the evening a quarter piece of pizza and then I was again bad. This morning I could not eat anything and I've just bought a biscuit at the bakery after I had delivered Marvin in the daycare. Once bitten, I was already bad. Now I've opened up a can of 5-fruit compote and mixed with sparkling water ... Let's see if that works now. Something has to come in me.
Add to that the heat and my fatigue, and anyway.
Sorry but I had to get rid of it before I go crazy !!!!!
From the pregnancy with Marvin I do not know that .. because I could eat everything and never was bad.
Everyone says "Naaaa, this time it will be a girl"
Let's wait !!!!


  • reply - 1: Oh dear you I can understand that very well. In which ssw are you? I am now in the 8 + 5 ssw and I am only doing well for about 1.5 weeks. Before that also very strong nausea and vomiting, with the food it was just as bad I did not get anything in me except a pretzel.
    But do not be too crazy that's over, you just have to be patient. It's best to do as little as possible, lie a lot and sleep. Tea has always helped me a lot, drinking the pregnancy tea from h & s. From my Fa, I still get tablets for nausea Agyrax are called and also help very well.
    Wish you all the best and that you feel better soon :)
  • reply - 2: Thank you, your words build me up. Nice that I'm not alone. I'll try that with the tea. I've given myself G.s.d. not yet, but this continuous feeling of nausea is annoying. And that, although I already listen to myself and eat what I feel hungry for. But not even that works. My stomach growls with hunger that with the compote went quite well, but only two small glasses full and then I was sick again.

    I'm now 6th week .. really starts off great. In the case of my great, I was never sick, I could eat like God in France.

    The only positive thing about it: I'm not so fast to !!! 

  • reply - 3: I was fine until the 8 sw, slightly flabby, then this damned crap started with the swollen abdomen, gg afternoon I always looked like in the 5 month and that hurts, I was bad of the Voellegefuehl, everything tried Lefax , Fennel tea, nothing works. Constipation, horrible :)
    For the past two days I have been commuting galley towards being tolerable, although it still does not feel like "normal", but better.

    Gg the dull feeling helps me Ginger Ale, I purify the carbonic acid but out, cold goes well without soda :)
    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll feel better soon.

  • reply - 4: I'm in the 25 ssw and still have to vomit regularly ... the hope that it will be better I have not ..... but helps me with nausea tonic water with candied sugar and a splash of lemon ....
  • reply - 5: Do not worry. From the 6ssw until the 16 I only fed on biscuits, water and apple spritzer. Baby is healthy and grows fine. Now in the 27 ssw I can eat everything again.
  • reply - 6: Try "Gastovegetalin". I recommended my FA. Is herbal against nausea ... me it had not helped but you can try it yes
  • reply - 7: So yesterday was the culmination of my nausea. My big boy turned 6 years old at the weekend and yesterday was the kids party. After I was constantly lazy in the morning, I decided to make a quiet day. But puff cake. First some things were missing and I had to go shopping. Breakfast was not really bad. So, with a half-empty stomach, get started. Back home, I was relentlessly ill, my big pancakes wanted for lunch, I squeezed two pieces, then Wars over again. Decorate the birthday room, great that my big one is already so big, he has helped a lot of decorating and all the balloons (after all 15 pieces) inflated alone so I just needed to make knots. After that, I was so sick again that I packed myself on the couch and made nap. About an hour ago. Only 20 minutes before the first party guest I got up. Then I had six wild kids in the house, a fun party, lots of muffins and cakes and I was sick .... That then dragged on through the afternoon, I did not show any courage in front of the children and pulled through the games. Marvin had a few small bouts because he thought the birthday boy was allowed to go first and all by himself and everything anyway, I was so glad when my husband came home from work and helped me out. In the evening there were pretzels with raw food and herbal quark, then the parents came to pick up, quickly held something small talk and against 19 clock was the last way and I was totally through. Evil, k.o., circulation, nerves, everything. Child to bed, still quickly cleaned up the kitchen and then I fell like a stone into bed. So a horror day - for me - but a nice day for my birthday child.
    I think I did not eat yesterday's meal more than three spoonfuls of cornflakes, a mini-liner and in the evening half a pretzel. More was not possible. Feeling completely annoyed and starving, but what should I do, I can not eat anything. No matter what, I feel sick anyway.
    I hope this time will pass soon 
  • reply - 8: Hurraaaa tonight is not bad for the first time in four days. Have used the opportunity and Cordon Bleu conjured up with homemade mashed potatoes and cucumber salad on the table !! Boah has done well !! I just hope I do not regret it tonight   

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