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A new pregnancy


We wish you all the best for your new pregnancy. Who is the first one? How are you feeling?


  • reply - 1: Um Sanne, there we have the thread - and on it goes - or something like that!


  • reply - 2: New thread ... :-) as discussed!
  • reply - 3: I probably missed then: D

    We have no plans for another SS. I'm totally happy with our Muckel and my Honey three "Lausebengel";)
    I want to concentrate fully on Muckel and give him all the love I have (please do not misunderstand dear moms with several kids)


  • reply - 4: hehe I said that too .. or at least we still want to wait 1-2 years;) my daughter is born 5.4.12 and on 11.6.13 we expect our 2nd child ..... .. so fast it can go;) I have breastfed and taken the still pill .. well ... something has not gone right there ^^
  • reply - 5: Well, Honey comes to the fact that he is almost half a century already in this world;) Another baby would have it more difficult than our Muckel Maik. He feels too old for another baby and I fully understand that. I am very happy to be able to enjoy the mommage feeling, because I'm already over 30, if not much.


  • reply - 6: Could you enlighten me bittemal who has deleted the thread ... was that discussed that it should be deleted?
    I hope Roocky knows we are still there for her ...
  • reply - 7: @ Rookie

    We are all there for you and always have an open ear! Feel hugged and understood!


  • reply - 8: why new thread?
  • reply - 9: That was deleted because of the thing with Leo the thread is, so to speak, a new beginning: 0) was discussed
  • reply - 10: see Motz-Schimpf-Howl

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