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Juli-Mamis from Rostock and surroundings


Hello my dears...

are there any of you mum from Rostock or surroundings?

best regards



  • reply - 1: Hello, come from near Stralsund! Am 28 ​​ssw and it will be a boy.
  • reply - 2: Hey :)
    I'm 23, expect my first baby ET 30.7. and also live in Rostock :)
  • reply - 3: Hello you 2 ...

    I am 22. Our mouse should be on 07.07. slip.

    How are you doing in pregnancy so far?

    best regards

  • reply - 4: Huhu I'm also from Rostock am now in the 27 ssw the ET is on 19.07 and it will be a girl :)
  • reply - 5: @ Bea I think that's great. I was born in Stralsund :) but now live in Hildesheim.

    But often I'm still in a grudge with the family.

    Greetings to Mecklenburg Vorpommern ❤️

  • reply - 6: Slowly it gets exhausting. I can not walk much longer. And the back hurts more and more. The little one is also very diligent, which is not always pleasant. And how are you?
  • reply - 7: Sweetbibi23 you are actually a stralsund? Great. I always admire your beautiful baby belly pictures. Are such a pretty pregnant. How did it happen that you moved ???? M-v is so nice ;-)
  • reply - 8: I am now the end of the 25th ssw and get a boy :) the pregnancy was so far without complications and nice, just a little nausea in the first 12 weeks. We are really looking forward to the little one :)
  • reply - 9: Good morning ....

    Na Thomandra, that sounds great. I am 29.SSW and we will be a girl.
    ... I do not want to wait that long anymore
    : )

    Do you have everything together?

    best regards

  • reply - 10: @ Bea: yes I am :) whole family comes from up there (Greifswald, Bartmannshagen, Stralsund born) yes the good work had brought my parents here and then me with hihi :)

    Where exactly are you from?


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