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Poisonous toy?


Just now I'm made crazy from all sides. You think you buy your child's great and good, and then the slap in the face .... "damaging in many ways!".

Ex. Http://www.oekotest.de/cgi/index.cgi?artnr=98112&bernr=07

plasticizer in toy mats.
Have you heard about this already? Do you know other things? Do you have addresses, websites where you can safely buy manufactured toys?
Or since you completely disagree, and think that you can, if you want, everywhere "a hair in the soup can find!"


  • reply - 1: Hey. Yes, these shortcomings have long been known and not nice: / we have chosen this puzzle mat, because she was one of the only one got a "good" from Ökotest. Many mats even got "insufficient".
    Now I would rather have a normal carpet, because you can crawl better there without slipping.


    But the colors look more like my picture.

  • reply - 2: Wow, you have a really svhoenes children's room ^ ^ Thanks for the link
  • reply - 3: Super play mat

  • reply - 4: where did you get the big cupboard? Is that also from Ikea? I've seen it somewhere before and think it's great for the kids
  • reply - 5: The test is from 2011 are now already harsher guidelines ...
  • reply - 6: The cabinet is from Ikea. Find the perfect too. Everything fits in :) and well organized.

  • reply - 7: I would also be interested if there is a more recent test result ...

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