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Hibbellounge Vol. 14


If Vol. 13 is full, then we'll keep hibbling here. Good luck to all.


  • reply - 1: @ Mishua ... like ...  
    do that where you feel best and what suits you better will be the right thing!

    @schreckchen, that's all terrible with you and I can fully understand your displeasure! Since you would like to help and unfortunately can not!

  • reply - 2: Feenia, may I copy your great description in the medication thread, so that the text is not lost? Or would you post it yourself? :-)
  • reply - 3: Can you do that :)
  • reply - 4: But can I do that? try it
  • reply - 5: You were faster 
  • reply - 6: ;-) Today I am alone at home and therefore online all the time.
  • reply - 7: That's how I'll do it. Thank you so much.
    I am very curious what my doctor advises me.
  • reply - 8: Me too, is not everyone open for alternative ... can tell me tomorrow :)
  • reply - 9: Thank you so much! Can hardly believe it myself and I'm really excited!  
  • reply - 10: Of course I will report.

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