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which brand will you use?


Hallloo expectant mums,
Have previously thought of diapers, etc ..
At the same time the question WHICH BRAND?
I think that I will take the first few weeks the original pampers new born sensitive ... my sister has also recommended the brand of dm .. is apparently much cheaper and just as good .. what do you think about it? Must it be from pampers and the wet wipes, etc?

And what do you think the rumor about the brand hipp? (Yoghurt, vials, etc.) but it was released that it contains toxins.

I have no experience since I'm the first time mum .. would look forward to answers and especially on good tippa ....


  • reply - 1: I take the wipes only on the way and if then by Babylove (DM) are super, even the diapers I will get from DM Babylove are just as well.I have made with them very good experiences with my daughter ...
  • reply - 2: I only bought Pampers Newborn when they were on offer. Otherwise, the private label of dm should be very good as far as care products are concerned.
    Baby food so I do not get bottle milk Hipp or so I try how he reacts to Babyvita that costs only half as much. I am not a fan after a test that is just an emergency, otherwise I want to cook at home myself.
  • reply - 3: I'll use pampers if mine can handle them. My sister said that was the best for my nephew, for example.
    And they are not expensive if you sign up on the side of pampers. Because then gets the coupons sent so it balances again.
    But first buy a few because you never know how the kids tolerate them. Allergymäßig meant.
  • reply - 4: I will use pampers.
    I was told that the dm babylove are good. But the pampers for the night is probably nothing ran.
    I will try and use the days of dm. Otherwise always use pampers.

    porridge I will cook myself and buy no hip-glasses.

  • reply - 5: I was very satisfied with damwls from rpssnan's own brand. I'll try it again. And if I do not breastfeed, I will use aptamil
  • reply - 6: Hey you, so I have the new born 1 of pampers, but only because I know that those are used in the krh and only because I've got the baby market for 2 euros. but take only the first month after rossmann or dm. Food I will probably first take aptamil ha, then what cheap. I did that with my son at the time and had no complications, I hope it works out again. I take the wet wipes that are on offer.
  • reply - 7: For the first time it does not matter if original pampers, babylove or babydream ... the little kackan so often and so much that sometimes you have to wrap in min. Wet wipes from lidl and dm I think great. Best of hipp, they smell sooo great. But unfortunately they are so expensive. By rossmann those are too dry ....
  • reply - 8: I bought 4x new born 2-5kg for sale at baby market.
    Then I will buy the diapers from the diaper car or have already kept 1 box home from the first still over.
    I was very satisfied with the first one. Never expired no matter if during the day or at night. No problem.

    And priceless unbeatable there is not even dm aldi lidl and so on.
    10cent per diaper is half of pampers

    Food I have to breastfeed before like the first but it should not work I'll try it with bebivita I had at the first in an emergency sometimes or later than night bottle.
    But it's always up to baby what it tolerates.
    Wet wipes from lidl and dm I think really good.
    We had bottles of teats from Avent just like the manual milk pump.
    Pacifier after a long test sometime avent. Wanted to try without but ours had such a suction ubd thumb I did not want at all because I myself was a thumb lollipop and the abkwohnen absolute qual.

    Care products we have rossmann and dm or I love so nivea and I'll get the baby products.

  • reply - 9: I will use cloth diapers,
    and consciously do without wet wipes ...
    for the sake of health and the environment ♡
  • reply - 10: I bought Penaten Sensitive Wet Wipes and baby products. And will take the pampers newborm.

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