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From 01.01.16 there is a new regulation. All child benefit recipients who have not done anything yet must notify the responsible family fund in writing of the tax identification number of children and parents entitled to child benefit. This is to avoid double payments. The catch: Who has not communicated these tax numbers until December 2015, the family fund, the child benefit gets canceled, u.U. pay back the child allowance in 2015 and apply for a new child benefit application (which will probably have a longer processing time). The child benefit will then not be paid retroactively. What's gone is gone. When asked if this is yet to be published, the family fund has said "no"; Every benefit recipient must be informed about upcoming changes. When asked what happens when a lot of citizens just do not get it, came "then these families have been unlucky."
Please inform yourself (at Google about the keyword "child support 2016" there are gsnz many infos) and give the info as soon as possible to those affected!


  • reply - 1: that's not true .....

    anyone who fails to hand over the number in 2016 runs the risk of having to pay back in 2016. nothing with 2015.
    and it has been published so often and everywhere.

    do not panic

  • reply - 2: Yes, always this scare tactic ... It means those would be written. I want to look, on the new application, I believe the tax number was already queried?
  • reply - 3: We had to give them already.
  • reply - 4: Such a nonsense. Nothing is deleted, as already mentioned you will be contacted if the number is still needed.
    I also believe in the new applications she is about to join.

    Please, please dear administration, this simply closes this fast.

  • reply - 5: exactly. where the number is missing, the FA writes one. So if that is not enough information, then you can not help the applicant anymore.
  • reply - 6: Where did this information come from? That does not fit in front and behind.
    You have to specify it in the course of next year. If you still have not done that then you might have to pay it back, because that is probably the case of a double relationship between the child benefit. And then that's right.
    Because of it is nothing to pay, what is gone is gone, until December 2015, otherwise you'll get nothing more and have to pay everything back. Bullshit.

    Please first inform yourself correctly, before opening such a barrel here!

  • reply - 7: So in Germany nothing works without written notification. We are the most bureaucratic country I know. So ... scarecrow.
    I close here!

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