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Hello our son is now 5 months old. We are going to Berlin in three weeks' time. My midwife said I can with a son on the tv tower when the elevator goes up I should let him drink tea so he gets no pressure on the ears as in the plane. Now I wanted to know your opinion on whether it is good if I take him up? Please tell me your opinion.
Lg Sabrina


  • reply - 1: evening Sabrina,
    I think that should not be a problem. If there is a pressure (I do not know how high the tower is) give vials or a wet washcloth on which your son can suck. Otherwise, you would have to do it yourself. Do not worry. lg
  • reply - 2: I go with my daughter from the beginning on our church tower here. He is 132m high. Completely without problems with the elevator. Only the wind bothers them sometimes (according to wind force), but the TV tower is, I think, too.
  • reply - 3: We flew with our little one at that age, just breastfeed or was drinking or sucking.
    Do not worry.
  • reply - 4: Let him have a drink, because even as an adult you notice the pressure on the ears. Otherwise a lot of fun, is a great view and with baby no problem.

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