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When to FA if pregnant again after FG?


Hello everybody,

After having had a miscarriage in December, we are now trying to get pregnant again. My question would be, when to go to the doctor after a pregnancy with a new pregnancy? Very early or rather stay calm and do not go too early?

I still do not know if it worked and then at the first pregnancy I am "relatively late" in the supposed 7th week only gone ... I was pretty quiet, because I thought you look so anyway not so much. .. two weeks later it's gone ...

Do you have opinions or experiences? And then you get sick first or what is it? I'm a bit unsure ... sorry :(



  • reply - 1: Dear Emilia,

    I think you should go that way, that you have a good feeling no matter what others think. As much as a FG can hurt us, from a medical point of view, it is not even. So you should not speculate on a sick leave. My FA also told me that, despite my background, I still have to be able to work without problems.

    I will go with each SS as early as possible, but I also need to know from Heparin syringes.

    Also, if you can not hear anything yet, then you can check whether the beta HCG clever increases.
    In the first few weeks I was glad that I was working, because the head then has other thoughts than just "omg, hopefully it's still alive"

    Having a good FA early on would have the advantage that you might be able to get something prophylactically, which simply gives you reassurance. But a doctor must decide, so you do not nonsensical take anything.

    All the best to you

  • reply - 2: Hello dear Salo,

    Thank you for your answer. Yeah that sounds blatant with the "once is not even", but my doctor had told me in January similarly, "that can happen, they can get pregnant again, that's no cause for concern."

    Of course, you still worry if it happens again ...

    I would rather be glad to get no sick leave, because the work also distracts me well and it is not so exhausting.

    I have to be patient and wait patiently.

    It's sure anyway so that I'll call early pretty easy at the doctor and then they will tell me how we handle it ... it's just so terribly unsafe: /

    Thank you


  • reply - 3: So I was the last time in the 5 week week at the FA and it just made me unsure! There was no heartbeat yet and a few days later I had bleeding. My FA has honestly thought that will not work. Sure, it was good on the one hand that I was there because of the bleeding but no heartbeat and 10 days to wait for the next appointment- Horror. I would go now so only in the 7 week just to be sure that beats the heart. And you know, there is never 100% safety. Just like my SSTest. I would not make one so early. Only 6 weeks.
  • reply - 4: Hello Lunata1,

    Thank you for your answer. The last time I went to the doctor in the alleged 7th week was still no heartbeat. It was also only a fruit hole with yolk sac to see ... because I had to worry for a week and hope and then at the next meeting it was said there is now something and the heart beats. Again a week later then very slight bleeding and the sentence "this is no longer intact pregnancy": (a pure rollercoaster ride ... I just hope it does not start so bumpy the next time but everything goes well so afraid it could go wrong again But on the other hand, I think, the doctor can then do nothing, if it works then it works ... that's only the God in the hand I'm very torn and am I'm still a bit nervous about whether I'll get my days or not at the end of the week ... of course it's also very difficult to wait with the test, but I'll try and distract myself as much as possible ...

  • reply - 5: Yeah, somehow you're never on the safe side. They also say "from the 12th week" nothing happens. I had my FG in the 14th and here are so many who are similar or even later had a FG. Sunday is also the 28th day for me. But I think the cycle lasts longer now. Nerve ;-) ..... This waiting is bad. And if you do not even have any signs of whether it worked, you are still unsettled. And what about you?
  • reply - 6: Yes, you really have no certainty, no matter what week and unfortunately, this is pretty much all here and you just envision women who get pregnant and babies and where everything runs perfectly :(

    I'm on cycle day 28 today and I'm always very punctual ... currently nothing ... but I'm very sober so that the disappointment is not too big: /

    The wait annoys so much, how can one also "distract" or "just do not think about it" if you are always hibbelig when you go to the bathroom, D

  • reply - 7: Hello Emilia,

    I had a MA in the 10th week in January. After a break of 2 months, I became pregnant again in the 1st ÜZ. Currently I'm in the 7./8. Week.
    I did the test directly at the NMT + 1 and also called the gynecologist immediately, but they did not want to see me until 3 weeks later, because you could not see anything anyway ... The waiting time has naturally been pretty good, but now In retrospect, I am glad that we have waited a bit. Friday was the US and we could already see the heartbeat but were also dated back 5 days. If I think we have gone earlier and you could not have seen anything ... I would probably have gone crazy too.
    My gynecologist is really great, she has prescribed progesterone capsules for prevention, which I now take twice a day and at the moment I'm allowed to check with her once a week That calms down a lot.

  • reply - 8: Hello Marzi13,

    I'm really sorry for your loss in January :( But I'm very happy for you that it worked right back !! I can understand that very very well that you have tested immediately and also called immediately.

    I first made a test on my first pregnancy on the NMT + 2, which was negative, then I did one again two days later and the day after that I did one again (or two - I'm not sure anymore) and all were negative. Only at the NMT + 8 !! the test was positive for the first time and the joy was huge. Nevertheless, I was relaxed and since it was the week before Christmas, I thought I'll go in January when the doctor is back from vacation. Since then you would already see something ... But it was nothing more than the pericarp to see and I was ready, because the doctor said it could be ovulation delayed or there is nothing there :( One week Bangs - then directly the heartbeat - again a week later slight bleeding and the statement "This is no longer intact pregnancy": (

    This time I would like to spare myself the first possibly negative tests and therefore still wait. I did quite sporty only on 24.05. because I have a birthday and it would be great to have the positive test. On the other hand, there are still 9 days until then and I have no idea if I'm going through this: D

  • reply - 9: How awful, I'm sorry you had to go through this too :(

    I hope for a new wonder soon! How regular is your cycle? Mine is very punctual, so I actually missed out on the NMT that I'm pregnant. Since later testing with me would have done nothing, I can count  
    You can still say I test once a week or so, and get you a later doctor's appointment.
    I just think now, if I had an earlier date, I could have taken the progesterone much earlier. Now I have to hope that it was still enough to take it from 7 + 0. (However, the bitchy medical assistant did not want to give me an earlier appointment ...)
    I'll keep my fingers crossed, let's hear from you :)

  • reply - 10: My cycle is very regular, the skin is so fast on the track: D that's why I'm pretty sure synonymous ... I'm tracking my cycle in an app

    What is progesterone good for? What does that do? So you think I should test soon and call the doctor?

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