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Hello, I would introduce myself because I am new to the group. I am 30 years old and have a son who is 12 months old. We are from Hamburg.

We have a problem and maybe someone can help us here!
My son has been going to the day care center since June and since July I am working again. The Kita knew from the beginning that he has a cow's milk allergy and egg allergy. Now the daycare wants to quit our place because they noticed that they can not guarantee to eat it without the mentioned allergies. I had offered to cook myself. -was declined. I am now desperate and looking for a new place (which is almost impossible, in no time) and a lawyer who can support us. You may also have tips or even have the same experience ...


  • reply - 1: I have no experience, but check it out in your daycare contract. There is also noted for what reasons, the Kita may cancel the place. Then contact the youth office, maybe they can help you at least with a new childcare place.

    What I do not understand is why they can not guarantee that your child will not get an egg or cow's milk? You probably will not offer a dish with egg or milk every day.

  • reply - 2: Who cooks for the daycare? I would go one instance higher and ask for it (carrier). If the kindergarten is provided with food, I would talk to the carterer. Maybe there is something possible. Here are children who are not allowed to eat pork, they get something different. So basically the same thing.
    That you are not allowed to bring anything is mostly due to the regulations of the health department. Unfortunately the Kita is powerless, but with the other things I would definitely go higher. Especially since, as you say, it is very difficult to find something new in such a short time.
    Was not a compromise proposed on the part of the Kita? You should at least have a choice ...
  • reply - 3: since she knew that your son has the allergies, I find it simply an absurdity after a month to say "sorry, it does not work". Would definitely go with the concern to the carrier. In our Kita there are x children with some "food peculiarities" .... that should not be a problem especially since it was known at Kitaeintritt.

  • reply - 4: We also have children with these allergies in our day care center. We offer lactose-free milk and food, there are alternatives to egg and gluten intolerance every day. And my previous speaker is right: usually something is already thematized in the initial interview or registration discussion.
  • reply - 5: Has KiTa already pronounced the written notice? Since here some / serious) follow-up problems can arise, I can recommend you urgently and as soon as possible to make an appointment with the lawyer.
    You can take a look at the law firm Hansen Münch, these are good administrative lawyers who also have knowledge of kindergarten law.
  • reply - 6: I also know that from other mommies and it was never a problem if mom gave the food! That should be the least compromise .... 
  • reply - 7: Thank you for your answers ...

    to the questions asked by you ...
    - He could stay in the daycare if he eats the same as everyone else ... but that does not always work.
    - I told that from the beginning with the allergy, otherwise I would have been there again quickly! You do not believe me as I simmer inside ...
    The Kita has given me on my request in writing that they will terminate us. The termination should 30.9. be initiated and then to 30.11.
    I do not even think about what a rat's tail this is all about ... it's not just looking for a new place ...

    I'll call the lawyer Monday. Many Thanks...

  • reply - 8: Who is the carrier? A municipality (city), ecclesiastical, private?
    I would contact the boss or mayor directly.
    If that leads to nothing, there is still the technical supervision.

    So 1. Kita (no success); 2. carrier, like the boss; 3. Technical supervision

    Sounds very strange to me how the daycare is ...

  • reply - 9: So our kindergarten offers children with complicated allergies, just bring their own food. Unfortunately, they can not offer any alternatives because tracks can be included. The Kita does not want to take the risk.
    Of course, the kindergarten can not be completely at risk of having that child try someone. But it works quite well with the self-cooked food from home as far as I can tell.
  • reply - 10: I'm speechless. I work in a kindergarten where the food is delivered. We have children with allergies and auxh diet. This is not a problem. Maybe you can not guarantee that because you cook yourself? But that they refuse that you bring along yourself is really the upper bangers. With us it is so that one can terminate the contract only at the end of the Kita year, let times what is in your contract, so a clause is based, as far as I know on reciprocity. As long as you have no abnormalities, z.b. Payment arrears. I do not think so.

    Makes me really angry, what's the crumb for? And they know that it is almost impossible to get a new place at short notice. I France the cow's milk and allergy no extraordinary allergies are even good to handle.

    Unbelievable, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to find help and punch you through. do not you like it. And for safety's sake, apply for another place next year. You can cancel later if the need is not there, but if you stay there, the fronts will be somewhat hardened and you can then relax in the next year if you want that.

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