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Hello. My little one has enlarged polyps that have been detected in the summer. First we had to wait and hope that they will get smaller. Since he is constantly sick, unfortunately, it has not gotten better. At the last appointment of the ENT doctor said that it looked better, but today he has spoken of OP and said if the child torments then you have to rausnehemen.
Does anyone of you have experience with sp an OP? Somehow I'm scared ...


  • reply - 1: Our little one also has big polyps and is constantly ill.
    Theme op is always in the room
    The little one of a good friend (also a march 15 baby) had the op 2 months ago. Since then the child also hears much better and the language can develop better. Also, he has no breath at night more.
    For him, the op was just the right thing, they had first thought about him still set tomb tubes, but then you did not
    the polyps were really huge with him, the hno who operated on him was quite astonished how they fit in there
    I think it is always child related
  • reply - 2: I still remember fragments of my surgery. In the morning, in the evening, not bad. Gummibärli gabs. No idea if this is still done today. Interestingly enough, 10 years later, they were again removed with the almonds, the unruly things!
  • reply - 3: As an educator I have children every year you have this op in the house.

    Good last year I was very shocked, as the trend goes to the op. We have never had as many ops as last year on the polyps or tubes as an excuse for missing the child.

    Well anyway, the result is consistently positive, the children are never long out of the kita, then much more attentive and seem somehow redeemed.

    So do not worry that will happen

  • reply - 4: Our mouse is also constantly sick. Last year she had paid together perhaps 4 weeks times no sniff. Coughing is a constant companion. Our ENT has prescribed 2 daily nasal douche. That helps a bit but the OP theme is also in the room. In April we want to make a decision and do not know what to do. However, our ENT always talks about pharyngeal tonsils (not the ones you see in the back of the neck).
    Would like so much that our mouse is better but if it is the right way?

    How was it discovered that they are enlarged? With ultrasound / X-ray?

  • reply - 5: The doctor has looked with such a hose with a camera in the nose. The little boy screamed as if on a spit. I could barely watch it. That should be completely unpleasant. But what needs to be ..
    We notice that the little one is suffering. He never sleeps at night because he gets the air bad. He also breathes very hard. The doctor said that the Pollypen can have an effect on his linguistic development by the worse he hears.
    I was against OP yesterday. But now I get informed and we will do it now. At the end of April. I do not want to do that before my second birthday
    As a child, I myself had polyps but were only removed at the age of seven. Before that I had constant middle ear infection. Had to be operated on the ear several times at 9 years. I would like to save all this for my son. Now that I am pregnant again, I would like to have the operation done in April before Nr 2 is born

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