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hello everyone together how are you


  • reply - 1: hello
  • reply - 2:

    Gosh, I was just so startled, I thought the first baby was there! Bin parralel also in the April-Club and there is the first baby on 01.01.2013 born!

    So I'm fine! No complaints and great anticipation for the next two weeks because of holidays !!!

    How is it with you ??

  • reply - 3: So I'm so far so good and the baby, too, I have only such strange thoughts that I'm afraid

  • reply - 4: I've been in hospital since the day before yesterday because I was in labor and the cervix is ​​shortened.
    Fortunately, the little one is fine, but the shock and the fear are still deep.

    I'm in good hands here and keep good bed rest. Fortunately, the cervix is ​​closed and today was in Ctg "only" to recognize a woe.
    On Sunday I will be examined again and further decided.

    I do not want to scare you.
    On the contrary ... Enjoy your pregnancy and listen to your gut feeling!

    Greetings Jennifer

  • reply - 5: Oh no Jennifer !!!

    I'm in my thoughts with you and hope that you and deun dwarf still have at least 10 weeks time!

    Feel pressed and as long as the mumu is closed and the fruit bubble completely, the chances are very good !!!

  • reply - 6:

    Oh Jennifer, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the mumu (I think the expression is too funny - sorry) to stay and the amniotic sac quite!

    Mondschein2013, what do you have for funny thoughts that sometimes scare you?

    I also have a funny thought. But please do not think I'm stupid ... I have no problems, except fatigue, in between heavy legs, shortness of breath sometimes, but nothing else ... That brings me, as stupid as it sounds, sometimes stupid thoughts. So under the motto, I'm so good that I'm sure there's something wrong with the baby .... stupid or?


  • reply - 7: Thanks, today I feel a lot better and I'm calmer than the days before.
    Of course I'm worried, but I also know that I'm lucky in bad luck. (another patient has a rupture in the 20th week)
    The little one has already gone through a lot, and that's why we're getting through it!

    But he can still take his time! His daddy will not be back until the end of March and the little one will be fine, where he is now ;-)

    @ Schnecke: I think it's not silly that you are worried! To worry too much is really not good for you two, but if you did not care, it would be much worse!

    If you're fine, then your belly dweller will be fine too!

  • reply - 8: Keep your fingers crossed that your little one still stays where he is now and everything calms down again. What about the patient who had a rupture in the 20th?
  • reply - 9: Thank you 052013!
    The doctors have a duty of confidentiality, so I only know that both are well.
    Of course, the doctors can not look into the future (statement of a doctor). However, the unborn child still has good chances.
    Since I am not allowed to leave the room, I have not met her personally.
  • reply - 10: Thanks for the info. Although it does not know how it works, the child can stay in the uterus despite the rupture of the bladder, but you never stop learning.

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