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Also late the first child


Hello hekla26,
I'm having the same experience right now. My husband and I tried to have a child for 15 years. We also took help. When I turned 40, I asked my gynecologist if I should prevent, because I did not want to get pregnant when I was over 40. Very unlikely that will happen, she said. The topic was then chopped off for us. Now I am 44, in September we will be Grandma and Grandpa. My husband has grown-up children from his first marriage. That's a strange feeling. Since yesterday we know about the little worm. I have to get used to the idea.


  • reply - 1: Hello dear McY,
    Congratulations on your unexpected pregnancy! I wish you lots of strength and good courage for the time of hope and anxiety that lies ahead of you, and above all a good course with a healthy child.
    I got my proper guy at 40, without any difficulty.

  • reply - 2: What an ignorant gynecologist. Congratulations and all the best (although this should probably be the answer to another thread).
  • reply - 3: Congratulations ... will soon be with 42 years Mum

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