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Hello our son is now 5 months old. We are going to Berlin in three weeks' time. My midwife said I can with a son on the tv tower when the elevator goes up I should let him drink tea so he gets no pressure on the ears as in the plane. Now I wanted to know your opinion on whether it is good if I take him up? Please tell me your opinion. Lg Sabrina


  • reply - 1: Äääähhh .... Sorry, but you are clearly thinking too much!
  • reply - 2: no thing! Lassihn pacifier or just anywhere suck.
    We already have six flights behind us. Worry about it.
  • reply - 3: I thought briefly: oh and I drive elevator with the little ones and I never thought something ... But the TV tower is of course a completely different number, because you need pressure equalization. Drink or pacifier would have to work. Have fun!
  • reply - 4: On the occasion, since we also want to fly soon:

    Is it enough to pacify the flight? Or would you rather drink something? My mouse does not like to drink from the bottle.

  • reply - 5: So we let Lily either fly out of the chest while flying or give the pacifier. Works both great. And the seat neighbors on the plane are more relaxed than you think. Just a scarf over it if you are breastfeeding and good. 
  • reply - 6: Anyway, have everything at hand, whether bottle or breast and pacifier.
    We usually stand around until the boat companions are seated. Then pacifiers and if necessary drink, when it goes up.
    It is very important to drink when the direction lands, one would underestimate the dry air. Our needs, even if the flight was short.
  • reply - 7: Ok, thanks for your answers!
  • reply - 8: But can one quench while taking off / landing? Do not the children have to be strapped?
    Namely we fly in 4 weeks and there Noah sits on our lap ..
  • reply - 9: strapped yes, you can turn the child a little in the belt and adjust that, if complicated.
    I would take a light scarf to cover.
  • reply - 10: We try to catch up with you! We have only four flights but this month there will be another three and one more in September. 

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