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Question, quick answer - 2


As far as I've seen, no new thread is open;)


  • reply - 1: Because of my bleeding ... the catheter and the anticoagulants made it look so brutal.
  • reply - 2: Does anyone know what the notes or the numbers here in the mother pass mean?
  • reply - 3: would tap on the length of the cervix :) all supi :)

    Ohhh you have to keep track of your iron value from under 11 my Hebi has said herbal blood is attached

  • reply - 4: I know if you can extend the part of the precautionary examinations in the MuPa I have only 2 rows so it is getting close and our little hopefully long in there
  • reply - 5: That would be the case with me too. The nurse has pasted an extension. Is no problem ;)
  • reply - 6: That's good to know my doctor likes to write. And contribute 6+ every 2 weeks all at once we were at the fine diagnostics
  • reply - 7: Thank you. Is it possible to determine the GMH with pure keys? The doctor just took 10 seconds and told nothing. Only after demand if everything is ok, yes everything is ok.

    Still the eigenvalue is ok, but I think next time I come under 11 :(

  • reply - 8: You can not feel how long the Gmh is, you can only see it in the us
    But you can feel if it is closed and whether hard or soft
  • reply - 9: Stupid question but has put your finger in it? Then it could have been synonymous measured the PH, my doctor always does it with gloves that then discolored according to the value
  • reply - 10: For me, these are all Bohemian villages I rely on the doctor

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