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What does a baby need? Setup tips and warnings about hormonal misconduct: D


I'm just boring and strangely I'm not tired.
I thought we "old" mothers could indeed give the new mom's tips, what you (from his point of view) absolutely needed and where we would have better saved the money.
Have since n contribution on Pro7 seen where the Maite Kelly abused about the TummyTub - I took that from the beginning and found the class, because u.a. not even the baby belly drove up and became cold (for frugal: n Waschschäffel tuts as well * gg)
I have now bought for the next child the first ma NEN used changing mat for my dresser, before I have the changing mat only on the bed and there wrapped. But I think that I can better wrap the small with a thick belly than on the bed, so now the decision. Weil's so low off I've also taken for 40Euro n BabyBay side beds, otherwise I have everything unfortunately scho, meanwhile makes buying and nesting but sooooo much fun!

P.S: In this context, I would like to point out that I always assumed that shoes will not be passed on.
Mistake as I have heard from two different sides: Orthopedists have the two ladies (independently) confirmed that it does not matter to wear shoes needed in the first 5 years since the children:
1) are too easy to be able to run into a shoe bed
2) wear the shoes much too short to create the same and
3) an already soft child's shoe is supposed to be better for small feet.
That's why I bought my daughter Winter boots (size 24 - 50 Euro!?) In blue - no matter what I get now, the next child will also be able to wear a color, the only question left is the size. Should it be a girl I can go buy pink shoes next year * smile


  • reply - 1: I put you in the heart .. buy only from the 12ssw right! I had everything for my daughter 4months earlier .... and maybe you know later what it will be! My little one is 6 months old and has 1 pair of shoes that she wears when I'm wearing her.
  • reply - 2: Hello dear ones so I work with the pediatrician and we recommend for example the playpen very much but is only necessary for a short time. For the time of erection but highly recommended because of the bars ... And I found the diaper pail by angelcare z.b. Class because later stinks with the right stinker diapers nothing. And the babybjörn I found great because the back is well supported.
  • reply - 3: the Babybjörn is frowned upon by many Mutties .... I myself have tried the thing and I thought I die .. my midwife says Maduca and Ergobaby are worth their money and do not harm the child!
  • reply - 4: I think we also put some pictures so that the first moms know what we're talking about ;-)
  • reply - 5: The Manduca, Ergobaby and the BabyBjörn are Babatragen.
  • reply - 6: I've got a run-stall used as a present (have in the newspaper ne Anzeige macht). But rarely used it, now we have dismantled it again. However, I have heard before that it is only worthwhile when the second child is there. Then you put the baby there and have rest in front of another child.
  • reply - 7: We've already thought about a playpen ... if emma crawls or does her running attempts and the little one can not do anything .... son thing would be better! we did not have that kind of stuff with Emma ....
  • reply - 8: What is absolute scrap, these are angelcar matte ... make mom's crazy and bring in the worst case, nothing anyway .... is sad but unnecessarily kicked out money ...
    (had a case in the family)

    Each child should have their own new mattress (not the sibling), ventilate rooms thoroughly and never keep them too warm.

    I find changing table lamps super, and normal Babyphone tuts too (of course, make sure that it does not shine too much).

    The Cool Twister I find great if you do not breastfeeding.Or daddy makes a bottle because Mom is in school / work :-)

    TripTrap highchair is great and grows with :-)
    As well as MaxiTaxi :-)

  • reply - 9: actually you do not need half of what is advertised on the Internet as an initial equipment ...you do not need the bathtub seat;) at least I think the stupid .... a laundry basket is sufficient for bathing;)
  • reply - 10: My midwife also advised against MaxiTaxi. But I have it, like you black widow wished. It's just convenient and you do not take it for a walk. Special really just for a short visit to the doctor or shopping. That's how it looks.

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