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Girls, I know it's still a long time until we think about our After Baby Body :) but I have some questions  

How does it look like with you, do you think that you want to quickly come back to old forms - or since you rather because of the relaxed group?

On mum - when did you sign up for a recovery course? Probably still during the ss or? Or did you even make one? Who has the experience with such a course and can report a little? :)


  • reply - 1: About the form: I will discontentedly let go relaxed, let's see how my body can cope with this childbirth and pregnancy. With then three children, a man on call and no care except Kiga and once a week in the afternoon the grandparents for the two adults, I also have to see how free spaces for sports at home are there. Both children were no sleepers and the little one does not sleep reliably or calmly until today. Be sure to try again quickly and a lot, but that also depends on how hot the summer is, if I get in the heat of the day from Kiga on foot and then a good half hour walk through the unprotected village or after can get out, or most of the play on the terrace.

    Regarding the regression courses: My midwife told us earlier today that she is already full for September. So, I think, signups during pregnancy are inevitable, you want to start within the recommended time. My first course was in the morning in the Physio of my maternity hospital and had really much of physiotherapy, two hours purely anatomy explained, time for a Question Time built, .. My midwife therefore does not think it is really fit. My second was such an active course with sore muscles guaranteed. Well, now I have two very different deliveries and after the big one did not go much at first, because the second course would probably have been too demanding, in particular, since he almost did not let me get involved anyway, but with the little ones I really have within the Course noticed increases - and that motivates immensely. In general, the courses are more effective if you have the opportunity to participate without a child. But there are also children who cooperate well. Just keep in mind, in courses that are evenings, which is the time when many babies are restless and often want to be breastfed / cuddled, as is processed, "colic" often start there, they cry more .. The maybe make it harder.

  • reply - 2: Before my first pregnancy, I was a bit heavier and wore size 40/42. During pregnancy, I then increased 18 kg, which I had after 12 weeks down again. I had a lot of breastfeeding, traveled a lot with the stroller and did a recovery course. Then I made 2 "baby make me fit" courses that were really great. Overall, I was 10 kg lighter after lactation (just over 1 year) than before the first pregnancy and then wore size 36. On the diet, I have paid little attention to the time. Only after breastfeeding I tried to keep the weight.
    That may happen to me again, whereby I make no pressure there. The first year with the baby is more important to me than my after baby body. Sooner or later the character returns with more or less discipline.
  • reply - 3: Baby and sport is such a thing here I was at the rehabilitation gym after 9 weeks and it has really brought a lot. But putting sports into everyday life was almost impossible. The dwarf slept during the day only on my stomach or sometimes in the cloth in motion. But please just go for a walk. So not to think about gymnastics. And when he fell asleep in the evening, after 1-2 hours screaming attack, SS was usually already 21 clock and my motivation for sports gone. But I have been traveling with him daily for several hours.
    I gained 18 kg in the first SS, in the second SS I started now with +5 kg. Since it was clear to want a second child in a timely manner, the incentive to lose weight was not there for me. Presumably, that comes after this pregnancy. But also there I am relaxed. According to my Hebi, the body needs different amounts of time to get used to it again. And I do not want to stress with two children at home 
  • reply - 4: Basically, I'm very relaxed and I'm not worried at all. In the last pregnancy, I gained about 20 kg and had it down again within a few weeks / months or even more.
    My little Buddha just did not want a porridge and breastfed for a long time. And I could or even had to eat food.

    I am already looking forward to our holiday in September, where I know that I can eat there all day without having to have a bad conscience for one second (provided, of course, that everything works as well as the first) 

  • reply - 5:

    Well, I want to do it calmly, but after a reasonable period of rest and recovery and then gym are already on my plan.

    But also has the reason that I think it's important that my partner sometimes takes care of the baby alone, I sometimes come among people and possibly fatigue and stress reduce.   

    And sport is supposed to help with postnatal depression.  

    But it is also our first child, i. what do I know about reality?   

  • reply - 6: The plan is good, keep it to yourself. It depends very much on your private circumstances: Is the partner there? Does baby manage to survive 2 hours without mamma / breast? In the end, you can try everything. There are many mummies, where it worked.

    I did not regression after both deliveries, after the second I finally got my butt up in the end of 2017, moved (shred, stepboard, walk a lot) and then in the spring of 2018 dared to go jogging with a buggy Everything holds things that I can accomplish so, my husband could not even in the evening reliably remove the children - it is so.
    This time around I have to see how the next caesarean section heals, if I can repair my pelvic floor myself, etc.

  • reply - 7: I'll take it easy again. After my last pregnancy I did not do a recovery course. The times in which something was offered here, were exactly the times in which our little girl especially needed a lot of closeness and also the chest .. There were 2 hours without mom just not feasible .. But since we have a dog, I'm always walked a lot and did some exercises at home ..
    Let's see how it works this time Last time I had increased to about 12 kg and of it was now left before the SS 2. But I have made no great effort, because I wanted to get pregnant again anyway 
  • reply - 8:

    In fact, I fear that my partner will not learn "parenting skills" if he is not thrown into the cold water right from the start.

    We hope to have milk pumped out if possible. But there we have to stop to see if the child joins in.

    EDIT: Incidentally, if I get too close to the limit of being overweight, then my days will not be over (PCO). Losing weight would also be a must with us before a second child at some point.

  • reply - 9: So my midwife also said that I have to register quickly for the recovery course.
    To be honest, I'm a little scared that I do not have the time and motivation to lose weight with a baby and a job.
    But now I try to do something on a regular basis, so I do not even diverge too much.
    And I'm not talking about the normal 10-15kg. My sister-in-law has gained over 30 kg on her first SS. 
  • reply - 10: Good morning.
    After my first two SS I did a recovery course and I am already registered again, although I could do it myself. (Am from the tray)

    I attach it to every mother's heart, because with each child the pelvic floor is more demanded. A good regression is really important.

    Endurance sports will have to wait a few more years for 3 kids  
    I give my own courses and hope to get fit again very quickly because I have to work again after 8 weeks.

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