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In which SSW birth preparation course ???


Hello everybody,

I have not found a post about the search, so I opened a new one.

From which SSW will you begin your birth preparation course?


  • reply - 1: Hi,

    I looked around today on the homepage of the clinic, where I also want to give birth. It is recommended to sign up for a course from week 18 onwards. The go 7-8 weeks and should end so 3 weeks before the ET. So I'll think in the 27./28. Start week :-)

    Of course I do not know how it is handled elsewhere, but I think it fits quite well.

    best regards

  • reply - 2: Depends on how the prices fall. I finished the course in the 36.Ssw, so it was a good fit in time.
  • reply - 3: Thanks for your answers.

    Then I will start mine on 07.10.

  • reply - 4: Unfortunately, I did not have many options for the appointment. I have now signed up for the from mid-September to mid-October - in the description was from the 5th SSMonat go and that's exactly my fifth / sixth.
    The Hypnobirthing course will take place in the second half of October, November did not go because we are in London for a week, where it would have fallen right. Although this means that I have three full months between completing the course and giving birth, time is good for practicing hypnobirthing - the more familiar you are doing the relaxation exercises, the faster and easier you can use it at birth.
  • reply - 5: Your first birth was a simple birth, Oceanna? :) :) :)

    Something different than always these horror stories.

    We will do a couple preparation course in November. However, according to the midwife, it is not a "pecking course" with exercises, but a pure information course.

  • reply - 6: Hello. I have already registered for a course :) directly in the clinic where I would like to give birth. He starts on 31.10. and until 12.12 .. :))

    * 12.01.2014 * I can not wait to hold you in my arms ♡

  • reply - 7: So I thought that maybe I would not do anything. Those in the hospital will help me already.
    But so far it is planned in the 28 weeks before the Beburtvorbereitungskurs alone without dad

  • reply - 8: @Bianca I always try to focus on the beautiful birth stories and I have in my environment some moms who had a light and short birth ... e. my sister-in-law ... the little one came out of it and she also thought that she had almost no or no pain at all ... something you like to hear then and that builds up;)
  • reply - 9: Hello!
    I signed up for the course today.
    This lasts from 11.09 to early Dec ..
    Unfortunately, it was no different.
  • reply - 10: Yesterday I signed up for 3 courses. The normal birth preparation course starts with me in November and goes into December. The midwife said that it was super when the kid arrived in January. Then do not be out so long.

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