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    Mums from Frankfurt am Main

    kisa728.03.14Hello :-)

    I am new here and am looking for mommies to meet, exchange, chat.

    Short what to me I am the Ksanet 21 years old come from ffm low and have a nearly 1 year old son :-)

    Please contact us if you feel like it


    Kisam 0


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    sarush9003.04.14Hello Kisa,
    am 23 and my son is now 1 month old :) live in Offenbach ...
    Which countrywoman are you? Would interest me :)
    Greetings SarahET 19.02.2014 ♡ Reply 0 kisa7 Original Author04.04.14Hello Sarah :-)
    My parents come from eritrea if it tells you something ;-) and what about you?

    Kisam Reply 0 sarush9005.04.14Hey Kisa, clearly tells me what;) I'm half German, half Jordanian.
    Lg sarahET 19.02.2014 ♡

  • reply - 2: kisa7 Original author09.04.14Na you :-) how are you?
    For most, eritrea says nothing at all :-D
    Oh your son is so tiny
    you'll see he'll be so tall :-) Reply 0 sarush9009.04.14It's fine :-) and you guys 2? Are you currently on parental leave? If so how long? ET 19.02.2014 ♡ Reply 0 kisa7 Original author09.04.14If so, both are a little ill -.-
    I actually had to stay at home 3 years ago but I've been thinking for some time if I should not shorten it. Take a look
    How long are you going to be on parental leave? Reply 0 Gaborone12.04.14Hi ksanet cool here to find another eritreerin.
    Kemey dehan do?
    Come from Stuttgart; -)
    Lg niatAnswers 0 kisa7 Original author13.04.14Hey niat :-D
    Thank you, we are fine and you? I would not have thought to find one here from eritrea :-)
    How old are you if I may ask? :-)


  • reply - 3: Gaborone14.04.14I am 27 years old.
    How many kids do you have?
    For me it's the first one; -)
    Best regards Reply 0 kisa7 Original Author14.04.14I have a son he was 1 year two weeks ago :-) how far are you the? Do you already know what it will be? :-)



  • reply - 4: Gaborone16.04.14Woow nice.
    I am now in the 16th SW and we do not know yet what it will be.
    We are already very excited.
    Lg ;-)
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    Seeking single expectant mothers / like from Frankfurt, MTK and surroundings

    violetta77713.05.14I would like to get to know single expectant mothers or mothers who have recently had their child, to exchange experiences and to make new acquaintances.)
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    Looking for young pregnant women or mums from Wiesbaden, Mainz and surroundings

    MimiLiah12.11.12 Hello :-)

    I am very new here and wanted to ask if there are young moms or pregnant women from Wiesbaden, Mainz or surroundings.
    I myself am 20 years old, in the 33rd SSW, I come from Wiesbaden and urgently need someone with whom you can exchange a little bit :-)

    best regards

  • reply - 7: bebegim12327.11.12Hey am Also new here in Weisbaden worked and in Frankfurt I am now but moved abroad. Am 19 and in the 16 weeksEge 08.05.13 <3
    Reply 0 saphiranadine821330.11.12hay I'm 16 and in the 30 + 0 ssw and I'm from near mainz better said easy to get to mainz by train. In other words, I live in gerolsheim that is near frankenthal and ludwigshafen Reply 0 Ebru201215.04.13Huhu are still active mommy there and want to meet in Wiesbaden?

    Eb EbruI love my men. Asterisk * 26.08.14 in the 6ssw <3Reply 0 Supermami201301.05.13

    Hello :) I live in Mainz, I'm pregnant and 27th would be interested to meet new expectant mothers or young mothers ... just sign up !!!!!



    Reply 0 saphiranadine821307.05.13 @ supermami2013 I'm 16 and have on 14.2 my daughter am currently in ludwigshafen and would be glad to be in contact with you, just write me by pn
  • reply - 8: dorina77719.05.13Hello .. I also come from the vicinity of Mainz. I am a completely new mom. Am 36. Unfortunately, my friend left me when he learned about the pregnancy, but I would like to be on my own. Maybe someone would support me here ... would be very grateful. Reply 0 VannyChris19.05.13Hello love her
    I am 20 years old and in the 27th week
    My little daughter should come on 15.08.2013
    Looking forward to every contact and living in Offenbach ♡ Aaliyah-Joleen ♡ 16.08.2013Answers 0 christina9219.05.13Huhu,
    am also 20 years old and my ET is the 15.08.2013ich I am from Frankfurt:) Reply 0 DestinyCherblos21.09.13Hey I became mum in June, live in Darmstadt and am 19 .. who has desire can sign up :)


    Reply 0 selmaa1328.02.14Hello together, I'm new here and looking for nice freshly baked moms or pregnant women who like to exchange a bit.
    I'm from Wiesbaden and I'm currently in the 34th week. What does that mean for me soon? I would be happy to meet you.
    Lovely wishes
  • reply - 9: kisa728.03.14Hello,

    I am also new here looking for mamis to meet, chat and share.

    Shortly to me I'm 21 from ffm and have an almost 1 year old son :-)
    Reply 0 smiley2921.11.14hall all together,
    I am new here and come from Wiesbaden and am 30 years young and my son is 20 months. We would also like to meet other mums and children to exchange ideas and get to know new people. Reply 0 Christine34_21.01.15 Hello dear Mum & Pregnant from Wiesbaden & environment ;-)
    I am also drawn (to WI) and pregnant with the first child (now 22 weeks) and I would be very happy about contacts / exchange / tips etc. Am 34 years young and have to work until the middle of April ... feel free to contact you - [email protected] Reply 0 Melli160316.02.15Hey :)

    I am 17 years old and my son is 1 year old in March.
    I'm from the vicinity of Mainz and looking for a couple of young mums and dads to share and meet with the kids or pregnant mums :)

    Maybe someone will find you :)
    LGAnswers 0 ClaudiPatrick20.02.15

    Reply to Christine34_

    Hello dear mum & pregnant women from Wiesbaden & environment ;-) I am also drawn (to WI) and with the first child pregnant (now 22 weeks) and I would be very happy about contacts / exchange / tips, etc. Am 34 years young and have to work until the middle of April ... feel free to contact you - [email protected] I am 39th week from Wiesbaden;)
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    Looking for young expectant mothers from near Limburg

    I'm 18 and the first time I'm pregnant in the 39 + 3 ssw.
    Looking for young expectant mothers near Limburg.
    I have just moved here and have no contacts or friends.
    Would be glad if someone reports;))

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