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Help :( my big daughter has shaken my baby :(


I urgently need your advice .......

Yesterday I brought my two children (5 years and 10 weeks) into the car and then there was a moment unobserved ....

the little one started the screaming .... the big one must have packed the maxi cosi on it and shook it so hard that after that the tightly strapped maxi cosi stood almost vertically on the seat .... almost with the feet on the headrest of the car seat so that the little stand was almost upside down ...

got me later show by the big (of course without a baby) how much she shook and then I would soon have fainted ...

I wanted to go to the hospital immediately but everyone advised against because he shows no abnormalities and probably only in the hospital watching ...

he does not spit ..... responds to everything, drinks well .....

I'm still soooooo big worries and reproaches the two have just left alone in the car in the garage to leave :(

The big is normal already totally independent and totally sweet to the small :(


  • reply - 1: If you have a bad feeling as a mother, then let your child examine. Is not a big effort.

    I would rather think about it that a five-year-old child can move the maxi cosi so strong. In an accident, the forces are much stronger.

    Wish you all the best and please do not blame yourself

  • reply - 2: I already thought about that. so sure the strapped maxi cosi does not work. The can shake really good and move. But sorry that is OT here. There is an extra thread for that.

    Your 5 year old, I would calmly and lovingly explain again that you have to deal with babies carefully because they are not yet "ready". They can understand that.
    Does she have a doll she likes to play with? Then you can show her how to hold a baby, where and what the fontanelle is and how best to calm a baby (5 years)
    For example, my 5 year old niece strokes his stomach whenever he starts to cry in the car and she sits with him behind ...

  • reply - 3: I am not a doctor but if your little one was in the cosi, nothing can happen while shaking!

    When shaking on your arm when the head always kinks backwards is much worse and life-threatening!

    Since it was strapped and well padded, I think that there was nothing to fear.
    I hope I could calm down a bit

  • reply - 4: I think it makes a difference if a baby is inside or not. Of course he lets himself be shaken even lighter. I think the headgear keeps shaking a lot. If your baby is fine then your daughter certainly did not shake so badly. I also think that the Maxi Cosi can move well, in other seats, this is not so easy.

  • reply - 5: Steffi it will always happen that the two are alone and if you only have to go to the bathroom.
    We have the seating in the car so that the 2 little ones are not sitting next to each other.

    My big broker accidentally knocked over the Subenwagen, luckily it would be cold on the day, the pillow has intercepted everything, but the view into the living room where the bassinet is on the side, the small no muck on itself was worse than anything else.

  • reply - 6: Thank you !!! You calmed me down a bit !!! In the evening when the big one in the bed was crying ....

  • reply - 7: The danger of baby shaking is that baby's big, heavy head "bounces" uncontrollably back and forth and it can cause a brain hemorrhage. If you can rule that out because of his position in Maxi Cosi - wonderful!

    If not, you (and each of us) should be aware that a brain hemorrhage can sometimes be felt days later, depending on how severe the bleeding is. So if you want to be sure, just go to the doctor ...

    What I find very positive is that your daughter showed you how she shook later. This testifies to a good relationship between you and a good response on your part!

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