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Hello dear mamis :)
We would like to have a nice family holiday Child (2 years) and (3 1/2 months) with one more family also with a baby (1 1 / 2Monate) in December, he should take place. Unfortunately, we do not know where to go ... because we do not want to go to the country but want to do something nice here in Germany. Maybe someone has some ideas what could be done? Look forward to your ideas :-)


  • reply - 1: With the 2 year old offer me a farm.
    We are also grad vacation search, I look on it that a thermal bath is near where babies are allowed in.
  • reply - 2: My parents used to offer "farm holidays". Unfortunately not today. But from experience I can say that's great for families with small children. Especially if you have a little boy Vllt who may sometimes even travel trekking ...
  • reply - 3: Since you came to make nice vacation, a Center Park is also around the corner with a nice swimming pool.
    Otherwise I can recommend Fehmarn.
  • reply - 4: Oja, fehmarn is great too. Then you can also take the ferry over to Denmark ...
  • reply - 5: Thank you :-) But is not such a farm holiday not something for the summer?

  • reply - 6: Tropical Iceland near Berlin?
  • reply - 7: There's always something going on at the farm 
  • reply - 8: Hello,

    Please give in the search vacation. We already have several threads there. Once more in general and the other are recommendations.

    One more does not have to be then. ;-)

    I'll close here then.

    LG Schnubie

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