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You and your 30-month-old child

How your child develops

If your child shows signs that he is ready for the potty, then you are probably already on the right track. Some children learn it quickly and easily, others lose interest, use the potty only in half (only for the small, but not for the big business) or deny that they "have to". In the latter case you should try again in a few weeks. Especially at night many toddlers need your diaper for a long time, "accidents" happen again and again. All parents make their own experiences with this topic, we have put together the top tips of other parents for you.

That's how your life changes

When did you last paint? Your child is probably discovering the artist within. For some it may still look like wild scrawl, but you know that your child is self-actualizing. Paint a picture together, help with or make a collage together. Now that you have done so creatively, you can tell your little Picasso that cleaning up the painting supplies is part of this great game.

Back to the job

Parental leave is now definitely coming to an end. It ends - except in exceptional circumstances - with the third birthday of your child. If you want to get back to work, that's easy: your employer does not have to give you back your previous job, but at least a comparable one. Therefore, you should now talk to your boss about how to schedule. Even if you only want to return part-time or not at all, you should now prepare for a clarifying conversation.

Parent tip: buy secondhand

"Now, with two children, the money is a bit short of us, so I've made it a rule not to buy new toys anymore, I've bought some very nice, second-hand stuff that used to be at flea markets and secondhand We've also made room by giving away old toys to friends' children. " - Poppy
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