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Skin problems: rosacea, acne, ...


I tried to keep the title as general as possible. Are there any other mothers here with skin problems, maybe even rosacea?

That I get red with my rosacea or have red spots. At the moment my skin is really bad. It is inflamed over a large area, that means both cheeks, the nose, the forehead, even in places the hairline.

It hurts really bad. Normally, I would now use my ointment generously 3 times a day and get a different or even systemic antibiotics from the dermatologist. Only in pregnancy that is not so easy in it.

Anyone here has some tips on what I could try? Cortisonsalbe would have occurred to me spontaneously, but it makes it in the long run only worse. And I'm allergic to propolis, that would otherwise be a variant.

I did not have the problem in pregnancy with my son, but this time it's all different somehow.


  • reply - 1: I did not have that bad but similar to you in the first pregnancy have quarkwickeln made so that the skin calms down and is cooled. Whether it was what you have I do not know my midwife has given with the tip
  • reply - 2: I also have eczema on my face. Red areas on the nose and over the eyes that have not gone away for weeks. No idea what that is. I think that as a kid I had that on my legs. Sun helped. I'm going to the dermatologist. He is the professional and should tell me what to do.
  • reply - 3: So I do not know about rosacea. But I always have relapses in which the pimples akne sprout just like that. I go the whole pregnancy already regularly to the facial cleansing and got there a new care program with which I am totally satisfied. It is based on aloe vera and in the 2 step I have a silver spray. This has a disinfecting and antibacterial effect. Maybe that would help you.
  • reply - 4: The quark envelopes I'll try, that can not hurt.

    Sun must be avoided with Rosacea unfortunately, it intensifies the symptoms.

    And just facials can make it worse because the skin is hypersensitive. The products I tolerate can be counted on one hand. :-(

    In Risacea, the vessels in the skin are dilated. That's chronic, and that's why you turn red quickly. Also, stress, for example, is a trigger for the inflammation. Then there are bacteria and a surplus of certain, usually harmless and with every occurring mites, which colonize the skin. It is believed that there is still no evidence that there is a dysregulation in the immune system and that the formation of a particular peptide for antibody production is disrupted. In addition, one assumes a malfunction in the vascular and Lynphsystem.

    Triggers for a boost are eg too hot drinks and food, spicy spices, red wine, regular alcohol consumption, Camembert, stress and sun.

    The symptoms are similar to acne when it comes to the formation of purulent nodules. However, you will not find any blackheads, just those purulent pimples. The sebaceous glands are not involved.

  • reply - 5: I do not have it as bad as you
    only my back suffers a lot.
    I have a lot of red dots / pimples on my back where I never had them.
    After every bath, I also have red spots and spots everywhere, even itching. I finally have an appointment on the 30th and will ask my Fa for advice.
  • reply - 6: I've been suffering from rosacea for about 4 years now. Since the pregnancy, it has become a bit worse on my cheeks, but I do nothing different now than before and hope it remains bearable. Just continue to use my cream from Avene from the pharmacy. When I go out, I use some makeup to cover it from the Vichy, but try not to run around, but I do not have to present it to the whole world, because it looks ugly. I also have pimples, just as in puberty, I only feel wrinkles  
    Maybe you still get advice from your FA and dermatologist? Especially if it is very inflamed and also painful. Hope you can handle it so much that it is bearable. Rosacea is just crap, but I have come to terms with the fact that I will never have "beautiful" or just healthy skin
  • reply - 7: Hello,
    I came across it while browsing.
    Take a look at the program Ernährungsdocs. There was recently a woman with the same problems and could achieve a lot with the diet.
    I'll copy the link here:,rosazea100.html

    On the page you will also find delicious recipes for cooking.

    All the best

  • reply - 8: Hello,

    I have the same problem. For me, the rosacea has occurred at the age of 26, so they have almost 10 years.
    In the long run really only helps a laser therapy in which the directly under the skin lying fine veins are destroyed. After that you look like a boxer after a wrestling match for a few days, but it really helped with me. Often, more than one application is required. Just browse the internet; some dermatologists have specialized in it. The health insurance does not pay the therapy, but it is worthwhile lasting!
    I had almost no symptoms before my pregnancy. In severe cases, the laser treatment can also be carried out during pregnancy, since only the affected areas on the face are treated with the laser. Medication for pre- or post-treatment is not necessary. To cover the bruises you get camouflage from the attending physician. In the first few days I was really glad to have that, to even venture on the road.

    In addition, I can only advise all concerned to try out how the symptoms behave with a consistent renouncement of pork of any kind and everywhere, i. also avoid dairy products and cheese in which gelatin is used as thickening or stabilizing agent and wine gum with gelatin. For me that was pretty hard and annoying at first, because you have to read through the ingredients everywhere, but meanwhile, the major producers of wine gum have adjusted to vegetarians or other groups who avoid pork for religious reasons, only the vegetarian or vegan variants would buy. The selection is getting bigger.
    From time to time it can not be avoided to eat pork, but I try to eat it only in exceptional cases. It is sometimes considered strange to mention not to eat pork, but there are so many food intolerances that most people accept it.
    Even my family in law has seen it and I get the common food always an "extra sausage".

    Due to the increased circulation during pregnancy, I now unfortunately have symptoms, but an ointment, which consists mainly of zinc oxide (eg wound and healing ointment of Rossmann) and otherwise nothing else in it, helps for a faster wound healing and otherwise I have from the pharmacy who is familiar with homeopathy, get a special ointment that reduces the redness. So just ask which pharmacy is familiar.

  • reply - 9: Hello,

    I have been extremely acne since I am pregnant ... not only on the face but also on the chest and on my back. I have already tried many things but nothing helps.
    I am very uncomfortable and I always try to hide everything under the clothes.

  • reply - 10: I have the feeling, too, before I never had anything on my back and now I have a million small Hubbel, pimples are not really, quite funny.

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