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Experience with dexamethasone


Has any of you already had experience with dexamethasone? I got it prescribed today because of increased androgens. I'm supposed to take half a tray in the evening.

Short to the history:
I dropped the pill in October and have not had my mens since. Two weeks ago I was at my FA. The ultrasound showed a very high-build mucosa, but also cysts on the ovaries, so suspected of PCO. On Monday I was then to the blood loss. Today I got my results and according to my FA all values ​​are correct except for slightly increased androgen.

I also want to start hibbling, but without mens is very difficult 


  • reply - 1: Have received the Dexa therapy in gyn. Has brought me nothing, the PCOS is stronger.
    Increased androgens, polycystic ovaries and also cycle problems are sufficient for a PCOS diagnosis.
    Look maximum 2 to 3 months (possibly in conjunction with Clomifen) if you have a cycle and let regulate regularly if a cycle is there and a Mens comes.

    With me there were two months Dexa, so no Mens, then triggered by Duphaston. Then 1 cycle 5 days 1Clomifen, no follicle growth so next cycle (Clomi had at least one cycle) with 2 tablets for 5 days. Also, no follicle growth and good gyn knows its limits, so referred directly to the Kiwu. Became pregnant at the 2nd Kiwu even with the first stimulus, but unfortunately the Missed Abortion came. After that it took a few years to work it out, but it worked out after a few years and the little girl is just about to snore with her dad to the bet.

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