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The big day - 1st birthday


Everything about the 1.Birthday.
Gifts, party, cake, decoration etc.


  • reply - 1: huhu :)

    Oh, nice topic!
    I'm looking forward to Leon's first birthday
    And although kinship comes, I do not like to 100%, aaaaber that does not count, is Leon's day!
    So I've dealt with it for a while, I've finished the gift list and who knows where and where we're going to host the whole thing. First only three of us, then it goes to my mother-in-law, there comes the whole clan, in my 2.5 room apartment, I can accommodate the bad

    So the gifts will be: child seat, box (or general toy), money or voucher for shoes, bed linen, Monchichi and money. Since one day later is still Christmas Eve, that will be split and most of it will be money gifts.
    Kuchen..Ja ... So Leon's great aunt will make a cake (trained confectioner and makes soooo yummy stuff!) And I'll also bake, even if I can not * laugh *
    I still hesitate between a hedgehog cake and railway cake .. Have schonmal the railroad form caught by my aunt and werd practice the days - once the cake is ready there are pictures and I want to have opinions

    Whether there will be much decoration I do not know ... I think it will be lightly festive to Christmas and a few balloons and so that Leon has something to watch and play :)

    I'm really looking forward to it, I've already created a whole folder with pictures, gift ideas, etc. So I'm planning on looong * haha ​​*

    Well, that would be from my side for now :)

  • reply - 2: * smirk * Well. Well prepared, would I say, what? * hihi * We will be held on a very small scale (unless my family - say: my ma) comes up with the idea to come here for a birthday. Then, of course, bigger is planned.
    Otherwise, there will hardly be any visitors, we do not know so many and our relatives are unfortunately too far away.

    Gift list is already finished and my mother in law has already picked something, from her he gets a ball track from Eichhorn, either with cars or those with the big colorful balls. From us he gets the giraffe push panning cart, the octoplantschies and a set of Duplo farm animal babies. My Ma and the rest of the relatives can then choose between money for the new car seat, money box (like with money: D) sorting box of Haba and clothes or even for later a Duplo sorting box.

    I have not thought about cakes yet, I think it will be a simple plain chocolate cake with smarties or softer decoration (for chewing) and a candle and a bit of colored frosting. Alternatively, the Krümelmonster muffins would come back well, at least for the big ones. The little one would probably be completely flimsy, he would probably even reach a stall with liver sausage. * Hehe *

    Yes, that's what it looks like ..... maybe one or two friends will come to visit, let's see. But that's what I decide spontaneously.

    As a decoration, it will definitely become our obligatory "Happy Birthday Garland", which as always will hang over the door frame. These colorful streamers, matching Kinderservietten, scattered balloons.

    Hachja .... oh dear, I'll be sorry ... my little baby already sooooo big !!!! * Sniff *
    But I'm looking forward to it too, I'm sure it'll be nice! :)

  • reply - 3: Huhu, great topic. With us is inevitably celebrated big. : D
  • reply - 4: We also celebrate big, namely in a small hall for 50-60 people. :) have already organized almost everything, I just miss the music system!
    The food will be open buffet, drinks, Turkish pizza and a big cake I will make.
    Decoration: Balloons, the tablecloth and decoration should only be white in pink. With us you can not choose the gifts yourself, you will be surprised :) but I know that the little one of my sister will get an electro-car and on my mother-in-law a bike. :) I'm looking forward to it now hihi
  • reply - 5: Wow .... pretty hard for the first birthday !!!
    An electric car and a bike? Now for the 1st birthday ???
    Ohwehh .... so that's definitely not going to happen with us. Electric car not at all and a bicycle at most as impeller from two years.

    But I think in your culture is something traditionally always celebrated big or?

    Your planning sounds more like planning for a wedding * giggle *
    But everyone likes it. Your mouse will be pretty groggy after that, I think.
    Personally, however, I would have stomach ache at the music system .... loud music for a birthday party of a 1 year old ... uff, the opinions are pretty different then. ;)

    Would you also like to show us photos of it? I would already be curious. ;)

    Greetings and all the best!

  • reply - 6: So with us it will run rather quietly the grandmas and grandfathers + our siblings come with each girlfriend and then I think just coffee and cake: o) balloons, bissi table decoration will be synonymous but not sooo much of everything.
    My mom asked me what we wanted and I told her to give a bike seat for Christmas and her birthday together.
    From my in-laws we are surprised: o)
    I think that the little ones anyway do not get too much and wil also not overwhelm them with too much fanfare.
    But as Danny already tells everyone how he likes.
    We want to buy Melina a rocking animal so what or a bee Maja that is not fixed yet. But I would have liked something like that myself: o)))

  • reply - 7: Ohhh that's sweet! She will be very happy !!!
  • reply - 8: we celebrate with the closest family circle! unfortunately without my mom because she died 2 months ago! which makes my heart a little heavy that she loved her first grandchild !! but she is in our hearts!
    When I cake I let my grandma surprise the bake omg

  • reply - 9: Hello,
    we will celebrate only in the family with grandma, grandpa, aunts. Vlt, then again with our friends who already have Kidds.

    Geschnekmäßig I am still totally behind it. I have no plan yet. So probably the answer will be money or transfer to Riekes Passbook. For small things, but it should be good quality things, not some plastic Thöns, which will land anyway soon in the barrel ..... Otherwise, just a bit adorned with balloons and of course a candle on the table.

  • reply - 10: Our 1st birthday will probably be like this.

    My husband (took an extra week off) and I will decorate the living room and high chairs one evening before, so that they can be amazed when they wake up.

    As a birthday cake (which I'll bake every year, because my mom did it to me that way too, I always had cold muzzles every year), I chose a fan cake with sour cream and cinnamon. You can decorate it beautifully with gummy bears. With the gummy bears I will write the names and the age.
    Then there is a chocolate cake with candles.

    In the afternoon I make coffee and cake with relatives and my girlfriend with her twin girls (8months).

    Gifts we will not do this year.
    We bought car seats where the grandparents join. Otherwise, they get a toy and each a personalized birthday cd. You can then run it every year.
    Well and the other people we said they should give money. That comes in her money box.

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