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Everything about the mobility of our babies / (small) children


Sometimes out of interest, what about you? Are your children already running? Do you crawl it? When did you start?


  • reply - 1: Our mouse started to take its first free steps at the age of 11 months. Now with 15 months she is unstoppable. :-) at the moment is "climb stairs" also totally in ...
  • reply - 2: We were set free with 6 months, raised at 8 months and only two weeks later started crawling. At furniture with 10 months. The first 2 - 3 free steps were shortly after the first birthday and a month later proper walking with occasional crawling and again two weeks later, no more crawling and running properly.
  • reply - 3: At 6 months Emilia is ratted
    At 7 months she sat down herself
    Crawled with 8 months
    With 9 months of furniture
    Run free with 13 months
    Now at 16 months nothing can stop her 
  • reply - 4: My little one rattled at 6 months, then started to pull himself up on his knees, crawled with 7 months and pulled himself up to the stand, shortly afterwards he started running along the bed and today, with exactly 9 months ago he started pushing his car.
  • reply - 5: sat with 7.5 months free, crawled, pulled up in the state
    With 8.5 months of hands
    At the age of 9 months on a walkie-talkie

    Not much has happened since.
    In 10 days he will be 1 year and we are waiting for him to stand free and walk alone.

  • reply - 6: Emily (now eight months old) has never raked, so she learned to crawl, sit down and pull up at the age of six months, and at the age of about seven months she recorded the very first steps. Meanwhile, she can walk along furniture quite well, but rarely does it make crawling more comfortable 
  • reply - 7: Wow  
    but the mouse is in a hurry 
  • reply - 8: Yes, we got a turbo mouse there sometimes I would prefer that we have such a deep-relaxed Buddha-baby, that you lay down and rest 
  • reply - 9: Leonie has been crawling since she was 7 months old.
    Running at furniture came at 10 months and now at 13 months she walks a few steps free.
  • reply - 10: Oskar took his first steps at the age of about 11 months, now with almost 15 months he is constantly on the run he always runs 

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