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There is room for creative thoughts, small poems or stories.
I hope to meet some like-minded people and write or read stories or poetry together or just chat over it!



  • reply - 1: Then I'll start with a little poem:

    The owl

    Ne owl is sitting on a tree.
    Power all the time
    uhu, uhu.
    Just want to look down.

    Below it sits on a branch
    A little mouse.
    She looks up
    and think, "Do not hurry."

    The owl then speaks to the mouse:
    "No snake I had."
    Now I'm full. "
    The little mouse is happy. The owl is not.

  • reply - 2:
    wonderful poem
    I'm not very creative writing what poems are about ...
    but rather in Arabic language

    like scary poems

  • reply - 3:

    @ Lisa: Nice! :-)

    So that your poem is not all alone here, I have set myself this afternoon even turn off. ;-)

    If you can not sleep at night,

    And I carry you as long as I can,

    Then I look at the sky,

    Watch the stars, often for hours.


    When the light of the full moon

    Make your little face shimmer,

    Then only two stars glitter on me

    And I know that I can only exist with you.

  • reply - 4: Oh really nice andrea *. *
    Since you have indeed found an inspiration :-)

    I also have one more. Maybe not everyone's humor ... But mine ;-) hehe

    In the forest

    Three mushroom animals stand in the forest.
    It just can not be seen by everyone.
    The first small.
    The second big.
    The third one is ... How do you say?

    Apple green is her stem.
    Flamingo red the hat.
    Fir green polka dots on it,
    shine sparkling-radiant.

    The soil on which the mushrooms stand,
    you did not see something like that!
    Is beautiful and strangely blue,
    as if I look into the sky!

    Sitting on the second, I think
    a fat, fat caterpillar.

    Her belly is colorful.
    Her mouth laughs.
    The cheeks around.
    The mushroom is cracking.

    Two mushroom animals stand in the forest.
    It just can not be seen by everyone.
    The first small.
    The second big.
    The third one is ... How do you say the same?
    Mushroom mince!

  • reply - 5: @lisaunddolli .. awesome :)
  • reply - 6: @ Lisa: Very funny!

  • reply - 7: Hihihi thanks. I agree. I already had to laugh at the writing :-)
  • reply - 8:

    Lisa, you're putting me under pressure ;-)

    The little star Sebastian

    Once upon a time there was a little star

    He lived up in the sky - whole, whole

    Sebastian was called him

    And everyone knew him.

    Often his mother told him

    Do not go to the moon.

    Because he takes off the moon all of a sudden,

    Then you fall down.

    But Sebastian, he was very bold,

    And one day he left.

    The moon, he's going to take it
    not off

    And Sebastian looked from there to the world

    But the shock was huge,

    What did the round moon do?

    The moon, which suddenly took off frantically

    And Sebastian, he fell down.

    The little blue planet was suddenly
    not small anymore

    And Sebastian plumps into the net one
    Spider inside.

    The spider was fortunately on one

    But Sebastian was still caught -

  • reply - 9:

    But a little girl stood by the window

    Quickly took the legs in the hand.

    She had seen Sebastian fall

    And already guessed, what had happened.

    She knew the garden very well

    And was looking everywhere.

    There, a brief glow in the rose hedge,

    The ones you used to hide.

    So there ran, as fast as possible,

    The light of the star already began to extinguish.

    Sebastian looked at her sadly

    Whether he can expect help from her?

    Carefully she frees him from the net,

    He has to go back up - that's the law.

    Quickly she climbed up the apple tree

    And threw the star very high in the room.

    Sebastian started to fly,

    Can he beat time?

    The time without starlight was long,

    If he can still shine?

    High and higher the star rose

    And his mother was not far away.

    She quickly dropped stardust on him

    And Sebastian shone again - as usual.

    The little girl now exhausted and sank to bed

    The star shine, that was her thanks.

  • reply - 10: Please do not ask me now, why my documents look so nice, have it from nem Word document kopert and when inserting here it always looks so crap.

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