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Babys Health Insurance (Apply)


In the health insurance (insurance with the working or most-earning parent)

As soon as possible after birth

Required Documents:
First, inform health insurance by phone, this then sends a form and requires the birth certificate as proof
For the child, the parents receive their own insurance card after about two weeks


  • reply - 1: I called my health insurance company .... they say that I get a birth certificate about 8 weeks before ET, which I should send then ...
    I do not know more than that.
    I bring my baby to me because I am not married and the child will carry my name (as long as I am not married ....)
  • reply - 2: Just call the health insurance if it is there. Finished! Then send a card for the child. Was with us so ???
  • reply - 3: jap was with us too.
  • reply - 4: I just sent a birth certificate from my son. Right at the registry office, when we have registered the small there, get a copy for the health insurance. I never got a birth certificate
  • reply - 5: I work at a KK.
    You can now request an application for the Fania insurance.After birth, enter all data and attach a copy of the birth certificate. Zavk is insured the child.

    What you mean Vasefa is the certificate to apply for the maternity allowance. This is issued before the birth and should be submitted before birth at the KK ...

  • reply - 6: So I have my application for the family fund here. You can prepare as far as possible, the information about the child will be added after the birth and a copy of the birth certificate.
    The whole is then simply from the KK. The child is already insured by the mother in the KH. As long as no own KK card is available, it will be billed to the mother.

    I am insured with the KKH. However, if there seems to be such a difference (so do not fill out a form), then it is advisable to consult with your own health insurance fund.

  • reply - 7: Purzel Maybe you can help me if you work at the KK. We are not married but our little one should still get his last name. Does she have to be co-insured with his KK?
  • reply - 8: No Vivi. She does not have to. If you two are legally insured as workers, then you can choose where to insure them. The KK sees on the certificate that you are the mother.

    It only becomes more complicated when a parent is privately insured.

  • reply - 9: Alright. Thank you for the quick reply.
  • reply - 10: Vivi we do it that way too.
    The small gets Dad's last name but is assured with me ...

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