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Hello everybody,
I wanted to ask if there are pregnant women or moms with epilepsy who could talk to them ?!
LG :)


  • reply - 1: here!  
    Are you talking about medications you need to take?
    I gave birth 1 year ago (by caesarean section) and had to take Keppra in high dosage until the end. My mouse will be 1 year tomorrow and has been healthy and well since birth. I had no seizures in time.

    LG Anja with Lucie 

  • reply - 2: Yes I just wanted to talk about this special feature during pregnancy. Of course, I'm thinking about whether the minimum gets affected by the medication.
    How nice that everything went well with you and little Lucie !! Why did you choose the caesarean section, if I may ask? Incidentally, take Keppra as well. Your message calms down so thank you and all the best to you!
  • reply - 3: I myself took or still take a very high dose of 4000 mg a day (according to the leaflet, the maximum daily dose is 3000 mg). In my opinion, this may have affected the growth of the child ... at least no other causes were found. At some point, it always started to say: well it's a girl ... it's a bit tender, but I'm tender too ... she was always at the bottom of the scale. At some point she was out of line and was classified as a SGA child, she was hanging back a few weeks, but still grew. I had to go to growth control regularly.
    Approximately Two weeks before the ET, the doctor decided that she should be brought early because she was just too tender and the supply of placenta slowly diminished. Since we came to about 2003 g and 47 cm. So, 2 days later, the cesarean section was made and Mini actually only weighed 1840 g and was 45 cm tall ... but she was absolutely mature for her age (38 + 0). Everybody was cautious with her and after a while it was always said that she was amazingly fit. After 1 week, we were then discharged with 1825 g, because the doctor saw no reason to keep it longer, just because it is tender. It looked like a miniature edition of an infant.
    A caesarean section was also planned before, because a) under the birth no doctor wants to have an epileptic seizure (and I do not ... if I get one, then there are Grand Mal seizures) and b) I had times a severe sinus vein thrombosis in the head with cerebral hemorrhages and the pressure when pressing would not have been so good. The caesarean section was now only slightly preferred, "because she was so delicate" ... (I could not hear it soon ...)

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