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You and your 34-month-old child

How your child develops

With age, children become more sociable. Your child will probably find playmates and friends gradually. And it learns that little niceties - give and take - get the friendship. Even fantasy games are now announced. Many children, especially single children, invent one to several fantasy friends between the ages of 2 1/2 and 3 years. These provide comfort and get the blame for things that your child would rather not have done. The interest in the imaginary friends disappears at about the age of six.

That's how your life changes

Your nights could still be interrupted, because your child is dreaming more lively at night now. If it's been a particularly exciting day, getting scared of a movie, or simply suffering from lack of sleep, it could quickly get a nightmare. To say to him "you have had bad dreams" hardly helps in such cases, because your child can not really differentiate between fantasy and reality. Show him that no monster is sitting in the closet and tinker together a trap that captures all the ghosts at the window.

Then and now

Do you still have all your beautiful photos from the time of pregnancy and the first months with your baby? Now would be a good time to sit down with your child on the sofa and leaf through the albums. Her little one will be amazed and thrilled to see herself growing up in Mummy's stomach and later on. Maybe the album will also be his favorite "picture book", especially if you have the story behind the photos.

Parent tip:

"My daughter was very choosy with her food until I included her in the cooking and tablecloths and now she eats very well - if she was allowed to have dinner herself!" - Dora
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The kindergarten can be a wonderful facility for parents and children. The little ones break away from mom and find new friends. But the change can sometimes be difficult. If your child does not like going to kindergarten, ask other parents in our forum for advice and tips. advertising

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