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Hello you "non-full-time moms"
How does the balancing act between working and childcare work for you?
Who supports you, how do you feel?
I work 31 hours a day and have a total of 1 hour of traveling a day in rotating shifts but fortunately no longer than 19:00
So I'm usually home at 19:30 at the latest. Care in the meantime, the two grandmothers. Childminder did not work.
If this threat is better in child care then please move.
I enjoy the work but after the weekend I always leave my little one with a heavy heart.
I would be interested in how it is with you or in the future developed in those who have now parental leave. Or. The man at home stays.


  • reply - 1: Hello. From May16 to Aug16 I will go part-time from 9-14h. Children are with the childminder from 8-15h. Then from Aug16, my husband is back and goes to part-time, because I'm from Sep to another location and 200km a day must drive. Then I have to leave at 5: 30h and I'm back home at 18h. Service from 7 to 16: 30h. I am not looking forward to the time yet. There I will stay until Oct17 and will be transferred, then it is only 120km per day.
  • reply - 2: Hello Katharina3007
    I'm going to work again and Dad is at home. It works much better than expected and that makes it easier for me to leave my mouse in the morning.
    What will be hard for me is the day we both work ... and the little daytime is not at home anymore.

    I am happy to work again, but I do not know if I would do it again.

    Hope there are more of us "part-time" mums

  • reply - 3: You can look forward to one thing - and that you two joyous arms, laughing eyes and a wet Schmatzer expect you when you come home  
    200km pass much faster

  • reply - 4: Yes, let's see. My big (12 years old) did not mind that. Was 2x for 5months abroad. I did not have the two little ones yet. Sounds stupid sn, but with three children I find it all the more difficult. Hope there is no training for me.

    Right now my husband is from Nov15-August16 on training course in Bavaria (600km). Just come home at the We.

  • reply - 5: How do you get that over with sleep? I'm always awake every night, and during the daytime the energy and concentration are enough to survive ... I dread having to work again.
  • reply - 6: Somehow you get used to it. I often wake up at night. Although all children have been completely asleep since their 10th week of life. I just hear the slightest crackle.
  • reply - 7: Hello mum
    I have been working since September. 2 days a week. My husband watches the two days on our pot of gold. Since he works in the catering industry, he can take off during the week.

    I have to say that I live in Switzerland and things are a bit different here than in Germany.

    For me it was and is also funny to leave the little man alone but daddy looks up and sends me through the day always pictures and videos
    But I realize that doing me two days very well. And the dad too! Who knows since the "Mommy @ is more than taking care of the child.

  • reply - 8: Hi I'm going back to work since August with a reduction in working hours to 5.5 hours / where but what is actually just 12 hours / week. In the time either my mom looks after the little one or my husband (which only works with him if he is free or I have a short early morning until 11:00 am because we have a counter-shift). From May 16 I'm back "normal" with 25h / Wo work from there, my mother will take over completely the care until the end of August since we have only September 16 a nursery. But she will continue to take over the entire care whom I late service (16: 00-21: 00/22: 00 clock), she will bring Samuel in the manger and hollow who it does not work out of our services that makes it one of us because we have bus to 1 1/2 hours in which we work inter-service. Should perhaps mention that we both work in the care, he is stationary late and night, I outpatient Early and late with a call for help at night.
    Personally, I find it very nice to work again, although at the beginning it was difficult for me to come home late and not have my little one put to bed. Meanwhile, that's ok for me
  • reply - 9: I am glad that there is so much feedback already now.
    Foreign assignment, that is really a hammer performance and probably the hardest! Also shift service until late in the evening is a strong performance. At the moment I'm always afraid of not being able to put my daughter to bed. But your stories show, it works! Find it great how you master this. For me it is very important to hear positive examples. In my neighborhood and circle of friends are just a lot of those who are silent only when told. Yes I work again ....
    In a few years, I want to have another child and still work.
    Incidentally, my daughter sleeps in my bed, do not need to get up for breastfeeding. Actually, it works quite well with sleep.
    Breastfeeding and pumping was the biggest challenge for me. Now I'm only still at home. My milk is really nothing dolles anymore, you also need to rest for pumping out and that was sometimes not possible otherwise I would not be able to finish work on time. Is the second child more relaxed because you know it works ???
  • reply - 10: I'm going to work again from April onwards, it's actually quite easy for us, we both have to work 24 hours a day and take turns. It is always at home, we just have to bridge the time in the morning when the services overlap. But since we have managed that for 9 years, it will work for the third child. Have in-laws and friends jump in. Otherwise, there are also dear colleagues who make a few minutes longer.

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