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Do you already know what it will be? :-)


Hello everybody,

I was on my regular check-up on Tuesday and she could tell me it's going to be a boy. I would rather have had a girl, but of course I am also happy about a boy, because the important thing is that the child is healthy. The funny thing was that I've probably dreamed it would be a boy three or four times before. So my dreams have not deceived me. Maybe you already dreamed about it :-)

Just write what it is for you.

Ps. Am in the 15th SSW



  • reply - 1: I have a girl
  • reply - 2: Happy Baby Boy, Copper Nail and Happy Baby Girl, Rabeaa !!! Are you lucky that you already know it! : D
  • reply - 3: I'm in ssw18 + 2 and unfortunately I do not know yet what it will be. KAnn's also hardly wait. My next appointment is in 6 days. Of course I hope that we will finally find out!

    Under "boy or girl" there is already a lively exchange on the topic, maybe you like to rummage around there a little!

  • reply - 4:

    Hello my dears,

    Unfortunately, I do not know yet, but I have such a hunch, but that's not to say anything :-) I'm talking to everyone, that it is a girl, because of my pregnancy so far, but I have irgentwie the feeling that it could be a boy too ???!

    The next Monag (14.11) I have my next appointment at the Gyn and I hope sooo much, that we may know what it will be !! We take everything-whether with Zipfel or without-main thing HEALTHY! :-)

    I am then 16th Ssw and I do not know, but the crumb must also be fitting .. I burst almost with curiosity!

    You continue to have a pleasant and healthy pregnancy and a lot of joy in everything you nice news boy or girl ;-)

    best regards

  • reply - 5: We still want to be surprised
  • reply - 6: Hi,

    So I must say that my current SS is very different than the last year with my son and I also thought that it is a girl. Yesterday, my Fa said it will become a BUB. So you can not say on the course of the SS whether it is a girl or a boy.

  • reply - 7: So my fä yesterday could still see nothing ??? Was also good on the net. In 2 weeks I have to go back! Hope then
  • reply - 8: Hello dear girls,
    I'm in my twentieth week now and I had an amniocentre examination done 14 days ago and tata everything is fine and it's gonna be a boy. That could also be seen wonderfully on the ultrasound. I wanted a girl, because you can dress her so sweet.
    And now: Welcome my son !!
    The dad can barely walk in front of his proud chest :-)
  • reply - 9: Hello you can love it too, wait and see what it will be. I'm in 17.ten ssw but only in about 2 weeks an appointment with the Fä.Hoffe she can then see what it will. I'm looking forward to everything, no matter what it is, the main thing being healthy. LG
  • reply - 10: Hello I am now in the 18.ssw and my date at the FA was last week .. Sogroß I was curious, the representative did not even look what it is .. She said she would not see it anyway .. İch was really sour .. Have already a girl 8 years old .. Since I wish no other pregnancy more would be great to get a boy .. But the main thing healthy .. A girl would also be beneficial .. Because of the baby clothes I kept ☺️

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