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Hello, we bought a Maxicosi adapter for our prams today.
For this we have two isofix-Family mounts (advantage you can use this later for a child seat) bought and for now a Maxicosi ..
I hope to have made the right choice. Somehow these maxicosis are all pretty heavy :-( We chose the model Maxicosi Cabriofix instead of pebble.
I found the model pebble a bit heavier and more complicated as far as snapping into the stroller.
What kind of experience do you have and which model did you choose?


  • reply - 1: We get a Römer babysafe SHR Plus II, my nephew is almost 5 months old and grew up loose until May
  • reply - 2: We bought the MaxiCosi Pebble because the baby can be the shallowest and the headrest grows with it!
    We deliberately decided against the adapter for the stroller because the constant transport in the MaxiCosi is very bad for the back of the baby! Will only transport the baby in the tub of the stroller - if possible! :-) - because it can be quite flat here!
    If necessary, you can still buy the adapter ;-)
  • reply - 3: Sina that's exactly what I thought, but somehow I was so undecided. In the tub they are only for about 6 months.
    But my adapter is not bad and you can buy one more ;-)
  • reply - 4: Yes you are right. Anyone who has the adapter says that it is absolutely useful if, for example, the little one has fallen asleep and you do not want to wake it up!
    I'm just of the opinion that the adapter could possibly seduce me for convenience and I would transport the baby but mainly in it! ;-)
  • reply - 5: So I really want the adapter. It's high on my wish list. And I think we deserve some comfort every now and then. :)
  • reply - 6: I think it's handy for shopping or something. Just when it needs to go fast ...
  • reply - 7: We bought the Maxicosi Cabriofix from a friend! The optically beautiful and he has done well in the tests. An Isofix mount we have not yet. I'll see if I get a needed somewhere. Must say because I find that really quite expensive and with my big I did not have that at the time and got along well. As I said, let's see ;-)
  • reply - 8: May I ask what you paid?
  • reply - 9: Is actually just convenience ...
    The mount was today on offer from 215 € to 150 €
    I struck right away.
  • reply - 10: Yes for shopping, it's certainly handy. Will put the MaxiCosi here in the shopping cart. I also thought that I do not want to be traveling with 2 cars in the supermarket (KiWa + Shopping Cart)
    But when the little ones are there, we share with each other again how everything is going and who knows, I probably buy the adapter because I'm in situations where he is worth gold - which I just do not think now ;-)

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